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(in-package :cells)
(defvar *src-root*)
(defvar *c?*)
(defvar *cv*)
(defvar *c-making*)
(defvar *filename*)
(defvar *dump*)
(defvar *c-using*)
(defvar *c-defining*)
(defconstant *src-extension* "cl")
(dolist (f (directory (make-pathname :device "c"
:directory `(:absolute "cs2100"))))
(print (list f (pathname-directory f))))
(count-directory (make-pathname :device "k"
:directory `(:absolute "OLD C drive" ))
(defun count-directory (dtree)
(let ((directory (make-pathname :device "c"
:directory `(:absolute ,@dtree))))
;(print `(analyzing directory ,directory))
(loop for file in (directory directory)
for fname = (intern (pathname-name file))
do (cond
((file-directory-p file)
(cdr (assoc fname
(pushnew (cons fname (copy-symbol fname))
(get ddb 'directories)
:key 'car)))
(append dtree (list (pathname-name file)))))
((string-equal "CL" (pathname-type file))
(with-open-file (in file :direction :input)
;;(print `(analyzingfile ,fname ,ddb))
(c-analyze-file (cdar (push (cons fname (copy-symbol fname))
(get ddb 'files))) in)))))))
(defun c-analyze-file (db stream &optional (istate 'init))
(declare (ignorable istate))
(loop with state = istate
and word
for char = (read-char stream nil :eof)
when (eql char :eof) do (loop-finish)
do (unless (or (and (or (eql char #\space) (eql char #\tab))
(eql state 'init))
(find state '(in-line-comment in-block-rem)))
(incf (get db 'char-count 0)))
(unless (find state '(init in-block-rem))
(when (eql char #\newline)
(incf (get db 'line-count 0))))
(if (eql char #\newline)
(unless (find state '(in-block-rem))
(incf (get db 'line-count 0)))
(unless (find state '(in-string in-block-rem))
(setf state 'init)))
(ecase state
((init un-white)
((or (alpha-char-p char)
(eql char #\*))
(push char word)
(setf state 'in-word))
((eql char #\;)
(setf state 'in-line-comment)
((eql char #\")
(c-analyze-file db stream 'in-string)
(setf state 'un-white))
((eql char #\#)
(setf state 'got-octothorpe))
((eql char #\\)
(read-char stream))
((eql char #\")
(ecase istate
(init (setf state 'un-white))
(in-string (return-from c-analyze-file)))))
(let ((db (get db 'string (gensym))))
(incf (get db 'count 0))
(incf (get db 'char-count 0))))
((eql char #\|)
(let ((db (get db 'comments (gensym))))
(incf (get db 'count 0)))
(c-analyze-file db stream 'in-block-rem)
(setf state 'un-white))
(t (ecase istate
(init (setf state 'un-white))
(got-octothorpe (return-from c-analyze-file))))))
(let ((db (get db 'comments (gensym))))
(incf (get db 'char-count 0)))
((eql char #\|)
(let ((next (read-char stream)))
(when (eql next #\#)
(ecase istate
(init (setf state 'un-white))
(in-block-rem (return-from c-analyze-file))))))
((eql char #\#)
(c-analyze-file db stream 'got-octothorpe))))
(if (or (alphanumericp char)
(eql char #\-)
(eql char #\*))
(push char word)
(setf state 'un-white)
(when word
(let ((sym (intern (string-upcase
(coerce (nreverse word) 'string)))))
(when (or (member sym *c-defining*)
(member sym *c-using*)
(member sym *c-making*))
(incf (get db sym 0))))
(setf word nil)))))
(when (eql char #\newline)
(setf state 'init)))))))
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