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welcome to the kernel café!

The kernel café is a volunteer-run virtual hackerspace for open-source developers and fans, providing access to the latest technologies. With it, you get interactive access to connect to hosts running exotic software/hardware combinations, such as:


Most of the nodes are currently located in San Francisco, CA:


Hardware Refresh (2021-02-07)

To celebrate our first year in operation, we're doing a massive hardware and operating-system refresh!

  • 5 architectures: amd64, armhf, arm64, mips, riscv
  • 9 kernels: Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Plan9, Hurd
  • 8 Linux distributions: Alpine, Arch, Fedora, Gentoo, Raspbian, OnionOS, PostmarketOS, Ubuntu
  • 6 new physical nodes to replace the existing virtual ones

As such, expect host availability to be in flux over the next few weeks.

Dormancy (2021-08-01)

The admins are on vacation and power to the datacenter went out, so the will be unavailable for a few weeks.

Getting access

  1. Confirm that your ISP provides IPv6 connectivity:
  1. Read the terms of service
  2. Send a PR adding your username to the end of auth/users.yaml.
  3. Once merged, you will be ble to SSH in with to <hostname> with the SSH keys you have provided to GitHub.

If you require additional software or elevated priveleges, please open an issue.


  • We are accepting nodes from the community to come join in (documentation).
  • We are accepting hardware donations for hosts running modern CPU architectures, with a strong preference towards low power consumption
  • We do not accept monetary donations

Available Infrastructure

These CNAME aliases are the easiest way to access our resources. If you need something more specific, see nodes/nodes.yaml for a full list of nodes.

amd64 (x86-64)

  • (2-core, 4GB)
  • (4-core, 16GB)
  • (6-core, 32GB)
  • (2-core, 4GB)
  • (8-core, 64GB)

arm (32-bit)

  • (4-core, 8GB)

arm64 (64-bit)

  • (16-core, 64GB)
  • (5-core, 4GB)
  • (8-core, 16GB)
  • (8-core, 32GB)


a virtual hackerspace for open-source contributors 🍿☕




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