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CREST: (Concurrency | Coordination) + REST

CREST is an experiment to see what happens when concepts like CAS and barriers are exposed in a RESTful interface.

Details about the API are given below. All POST and PUT bodies MUST be valid JSON.


  1. Create a barrier
POST /barriers/<name>
{"count": 1, "recycle": true}

Returns 204 on creation, 409 if barrier already exists

  1. Wait on a barrier
GET /barriers/<name>?t=30000

"t" is timeout in milliseconds and is optional. By default all clients will wait 10 seconds if "t" is omitted. Returns 204 when all expected parties have successfully joined. Returns 408 if wait times out or another waiting party "hangs up".

CAS Values

  1. Create a CAS value
POST /values/<name>
{"value": 100}

NOTE: Values can be integers, floats, or strings Returns 200 on creation, 409 if value already exists.

  1. Update a CAS value
PUT /values/<name>

Supports several different update operations based on the JSON body.

  • Update to literal value
{"action": "write", "value": 100}
  • Atomic increment
{"action": "incr", "value": 1}
  • Atomic decrement
{"action": "decr", "value": 1}

All return 200 on successful update.

CAS Values and Preconditions

PUT and POST requests can optionally evaluate preconditions before updating the target variable. Preconditions are submitted in a request header named X-Crest-Expects. Multiple preconditions must be separated by a semicolon. If a precondition fails then the server returns a 412 status code. Here are a few examples:

X-Crest-Expects: user_count

Succeeds only if the CAS value named user_count exists.

X-Crest-Expects: user_count > 5

Succeeds only if user_count is greater than 5.

X-Crest-Expects: web_servers == 8;db_ready == 'true'

Succeeds only if web_servers equals 8 and db_ready is equal to the string 'true'.

Preconditions understand the following comparison operators: <,>,==, >=, =<. Referring to a variable without an operator checks for it's existence.