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JavaScript/TypeScript pubsub implementation
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Pubbel is a very light-weight JavaScript library that makes it possible to subscribe to changes without depending on a framework. It relies on a publish-subscribe implemementation for asynchronous communication between for instance UI components, observables for specific values and queues when many changes happen but cannot be processed, yet. This package helps you process actions in the background that have nothing to do with your UI.


A pubsub can be created by using the pubbel function. Optionally, you can turn on syncing between browser windows by adding a configuration object as a parameter to the pubbel function.

import { pubbel } from 'pubbel';
const pubsub = pubbel();
const pubsub = pubbel({ enableBrowserTabSync?: true, onPublish?: (message) => myFn(message) });

You subscribe to a topic by using the subscribe(message: String, callback: Function) function. This returns a Function. This function can be used to remove it from pubbel. The callbacks can either be synchronous or asynchronous.

function myFunction(...args) { ... }
const removeSubscription = pubsub.subscribe('message-1', myCallback);

Publishing a message on your pubsub can be done by using the publish(message, ...args) function. Removing a topic completely from the pubsub can be done with the delete(message) function.

pubsub.publish('message-2', data);

Observable - subscribe to value changes

An observable makes it possible to observe changes to a particular value, and execute one or more functions when the value changes.

import { observable } from 'pubbel';

const myObservable = observable('start');
console.log(myObservable.get()); // 'start'
console.log(observable.get()); // 'second'

You can subscribe/listen to changes by using the subscribe function of the observable.

let count = 0;
const myFunction(value) => count++;

console.log(count); // 1

Each subscribe gives back a Function. This function can be used to unsubscribe to the observable, if required.

const remove = myObservable.subscribe(myFunction);
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