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This is a loosely-categorized list of outstanding tasks and ideas for improving
sighttpd. When implementing any of these, please include an update to this TODO
file removing that task, in the same commit.
Dual encode
* Add camera encode: merge shcodecs-record into a module
Ogg stdin
* handle all streams (not just vorbis)
* handle skeleton (create / rewrite)
Ogg capture streaming
* camera -> theora (oggz + libtheora)
* add vorbis encode support (fishsound)
* oggz-chop / Media Fragments
* rate-limited file serving (oggz)
* test with JWPlayer: see
V4L2 control interface
Currently have a kongou interface, using kgctrl.
* check current ctl method, discuss
* make a v4l2 control interface, querying v4l2 device for
capabilities and configuring appropriately
HTML templating
* add templating of HTML outputs (status, statictext, uiomux, kongou)
* add default sighttpd branding
* add renesas branding
* add xiph branding
Config file
* make declaration names case insensitive
Plugin methods
* make config file section name parsing case insensitive
* add plugin name, config file name to plugin structure
* dynamic library plugin loading
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