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<p style="font-size: 1.5em;">Rotator was a casual game I developed over the span of around 4 months near the end of college. Later in development, it was known as Chorae because Rotator was impossible to find on Google.<p>
<p style="font-size: 1.5em;">The goal of the game was to match falling arcs by drawing similar arcs using the mouse (or, if you had one, a stylus/touchscreen).<p>
<p style="font-size: 1.5em;">By the end of development the game had around two dozen gameplay modes. It was fun, but difficult to control with a regular mouse. I was forced to abandon the project upon starting work at ArenaNet due to a non-competition agreement.<p>
<iframe src="" width="504" height="378" frameborder="0"></iframe><p><a href="">Chorae Survival Mode gameplay</a> from <a href="">Kevin Gadd</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>
<center><a href="" style="font-size: 1.5em;">Download Installer</a></center>
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