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WASH - collectes ASH like data without AWR and enables HTTP access to the data in interactive charts. The web access requires that Apache be up and runnning.

Installing on LINUX Redhat

$ cd /var/www
$ # copy the tar.gz file from github here
$ gzip -d khailey-wash-155931c.tar.gz # name generated for github download
$ tar xvf khailey-wash-155931c.tar
$ mv  khailey-wash-155931c/* .

There are 3 basic files

  1. ./cash.sh - collect ASH like data from Oracle into a flat file, it runs in a continual loop
  2. ./html/ash.html - basic web page using Highcharts
  3. ./cgi-bin/json_ash.sh - cgi to read ASH like data and give it to the web page via JSON

plus highchart javascript files in



Now you are almost ready to go. You just need to start the data collection with "cash.sh" (collect ASH)

Usage: usage <username> <password> <host> [sid] [port]

The script "cash.sh" requires "sqlplus" be in the path and that is all. It's probably easiest to

  • move/copy cash.sh to an ORACLE_HOME/bin

  • su oracle

  • kick it off as in:

    nohup cash.sh system change_on_install orcl &

The script "cash.sh" will create a directory in /tmp/MONITOR/day_of_the_week for each day of the week, clearing out any old files, so there are only maximum 7 days of data. (to stop the collection run "rm /tmp/MONITOR/clean/*end" )

To view the data go to your web server address and add "ash.html?q=machine:sid" For example my web server is on The database I am monitoring is on host with Oracle SID "orcl"