Buffer tags not working anymore for JavaScript files #528

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hoschi commented Feb 13, 2014

I don't know if it is my fault :( Can I enable a debug mode or something to see if there is an error?

kien commented Feb 13, 2014

BufferTag relies entirely on ctags for the results and hasn't been changed in a while. So check if ctags is installed and working properly on your system.

hoschi commented Feb 14, 2014

JSCtags doesn't properly with node v10. Sorry for the noise :(

@hoschi hoschi closed this Feb 14, 2014

There really is a problem here. Right, jsctags doesn't work anymore but you can uninstall it and ctrlp will be smart enough to fallback to ctags. The issue is that s:types is configured with --javascript-types=sf and s is wrong for ctags.

A workaround:

let g:ctrlp_buftag_types = { 'javascript': '--language-force=javascript --javascript-types=fcmv' }

The supported kinds are:

ctags --list-kinds=javascript
f  functions
c  classes
m  methods
p  properties
v  global variables

By the way, I think kinds is more consistent terminology than types regarding the ctags documentation.

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