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Barista is a simple URL router for nodejs.

Getting Barista

Install via npm, thusly:

npm install barista

Using Barista

var Router = require('barista').Router;

var router = new Router;

Adding routes

// a basic example
router.match( '/products', 'GET' )
      .to( 'products.index' )

// Rails-style variables
router.match( '/products/:id', 'GET' )
      .to( '' )

// optional parts
router.match( '/products/:id(.:format)', 'GET' )
      .to( '' )

// convenience methods
router.get( '/products/:id(.:format)' )
      .to( '' )

router.put( '/products/:id(.:format)' )
      .to( 'products.update' ) '/products' )
      .to( 'products.create' )

router.delete( '/products' )
      .to( 'products.destroy' )

REST Resources

router.resource( 'products' )

is equivalent to:

router.get( '/products(.:format)' )
      .to( 'products.index' )

router.get( '/products/add(.:format)' )
      .to( 'products.add' )

router.get( '/products/:id(.:format)' )
      .to('' )

router.get('/products/:id/edit(.:format)' )
      .to( 'products.edit' )'/products(.:format)' )
      .to( 'products.create' )

router.put('/products/:id(.:format)' )
      .to( 'products.update' )

router.delete('/products/:id(.:format)' )
      .to( 'products.destroy' )

Resolution & dispatching

The router.all( url, method [, callback] ) method can be used in two ways:

var params = router.first( '/products/15', 'GET' )


router.first( '/products/15', 'GET', function( params ){
  // dispatch the request or something

You can get all the matching routes like so:

var params = router.all( '/products/15', 'GET' )

//=> [params, params, params....]

Route generation

Pass in a params hash, get back a tasty string:

router.url( { 
  controller: 'products', 
  action: 'show', 
  id: 5
} )
//=> '/products/5'

router.url( {
  controller: 'products', 
  action: 'show', 
  id: 5, 
  format: 'json'
} )
//=> '/products/5.json'

Set the optional second parameter to true if you want extra params appended as a query string:

  controller: 'products', 
  action: 'show', 
  id: 5, 
  format: 'json', 
  love: 'cheese' 
}, true )
//=> '/products/5.json?love=cheese'

Things I forgot...

...might be in the /docs folder...

...or might not exist at all.

It's broken!

Shit happens.

Write a test that fails and add it to the tests folder, then create an issue!

Patches welcome :-)

Who are you?

I'm Kieran Huggins, partner at Refactory in Toronto, Canada.

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