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desc('Dump all args');
task('args', function($app) {
echo "Arguments:\n";
foreach ($app as $k => $v) echo "$k = $v\n";
desc('Load the application environment');
task('environment', function() {
echo "I am the outer environment. I should run first.\n";
desc('Initialises the database connection');
task('database', function() {
echo "I am initialising the database...\n";
group('test', function() {
// 'environment' dependency for this task is resolved locally to
// task in same group. There is no 'database' task defined in this
// group so it drops back to a search of the root group.
desc('Run the unit tests');
task('units', 'environment', ':environment', 'database', function() {
echo "Running unit tests...\n";
// another level of nesting; application object is passed to all
// executing tasks
group('all', function() {
desc('Run absolutely every test everywhere!');
task('run', 'test:units', function($application) {
echo "All tests complete! ($application)\n";
// duplicate group definitions are merged
group('test', function() {
// duplicate task definitions are merged
// (although the first description takes precedence when running with -T)
desc("You won't see this description");
task('units', function() {
echo "Running a second batch of unit tests...\n";
// use ':environment' to refer to task in root group
// we currently have no cyclic dependency checking, you have been warned.
task('environment', ':environment', function() {
echo "I am the inner environment. I should run second.\n";
task('default', 'test:all:run');