@killme2008 killme2008 released this Jan 29, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

Main features:

  1. Fixed a bug in FunctionUtils#getJavaObject to retrieve java collection type such as (user.roles) #106
  2. Fixed NPE when tracing expression evaluation.
  3. Variables captured by closure should be immutable. #101
  4. Adds a new option Options.DISABLE_ASSIGNMENT to disable variable assignment.
  5. Literal expression performance issue #96
  6. New functions to create java collections
    • seq.set(x,y,z...) to create a HashSet instance from varidic arguments.
    • seq.list(x,y,z...) to create a 'ArrayList` instance from varidic arguments.
    • seq.map(k1,v1, k2, v2,...) to create a HashMap instance from varidic arguments.
    • New functions seq.add,seq.remove and seq.get to add/remove/get elements(values) from collections.
  7. seq.max(coll) and seq.min(coll) to retrieve min/max element in a sequence.
  8. min(x,y,z...) and max(x,y,z...) to retrieve min/max value from varidic arguments.
  9. identity(x) function to return the argument itself.
  10. Adds a new document 4.0 features explain.


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