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baseurl = ""
title = "Creative portfolio"
theme = "hugo-creative-portfolio-theme"
languageCode = "en-us"
# Enable comments by entering your Disqus shortname
disqusShortname = ""
# Enable Google Analytics by entering your tracking code
googleAnalytics = ""
# Style options: default (pink), blue, green, pink, red, sea, violet
# Use custom.css for your custom styling
style = "default"
description = "Describe your website"
copyright = "©2016 Your name or company"
sidebarAbout = [
"I am a creative illustrator and graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience.",
"Originally from Toronto, currently based in London."
# Contact page
# Since this template is static, the contact form uses as a
# proxy. The form makes a POST request to their servers to send the actual
# email. Visitors can send up to a 1000 emails each month for free.
# What you need to do for the setup?
# - set your email address under 'email' below
# - upload the generated site to your server
# - send a dummy email yourself to confirm your account
# - click the confirm link in the email from
# - you're done. Happy mailing!
email = ""
# Nav links in the side bar
name = "Home"
url = "portfolio/"
home = true
name = "About"
url = "about/"
name = "Get in touch"
url = "contact/"
facebook = "full page or profile url in facebook"
googleplus = "full profile url in googleplus"
email = ""
twitter = "full profile url in twitter"
linkedin = "full profile url in linkedin"
stackoverflow = "full profile url in stackoverflow"
instagram = "full profile url in instagram"
github = "full profile url in github"
youtube = "full profile url in youtube"