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A 3D visualization tool for brain-inspired architectures
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What is BiCAmon

BiCAmon is an abbreviation for "biologically-inspired cognitive architecture monitor".

This provides visually understanding of a brain-inspired cognitive architecture via web browsers.

Development environment

  • Python 2.7.6
  • Google Chrome 58.0 (64-bit)

Getting Started

First, clone this repository.

$ git clone

You have to install some packages to start BiCAmon. They are written in requirements.txt.

cd bicamon, and run the following command.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt


Then, run the program below.

$ python

Open your browser, and access localhost:5000.

If you can not show the page well, your browser may not support WebGL. For more information, please check

Also, provides light-mode that decreases a number of links drawn. It should help you when you run BiCAmon on a laptop computer.

$ python --light


I know the cells in your browser are not firing.

I prepared some test programs in the test directory. Open new terminal and run the test script to fire cells.

$ python


Let's combine your brain-inspired cognitive architecture with BiCAmon.

The program to call API is in the test direcory. Open The function named 'send_to_viewer' can send POST request to BiCAmon. Please put this function in the directory in the path. Finally, insert the function call in your program and launch the architecture.


  • Files other than third party's.
  • Revised BSD License
  • Third party's files.
  • Follow the license written in the files.
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