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Contributing to Ao

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to Ao!

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

How to contribute

Improve documentation

Typo corrections, error fixes, better explanations, more examples etc. Open an issue regarding anything that you think could be improved! You can use the docs label to find out what others have suggested!

Improve issues

Sometimes reported issues lack information, are not reproducible, or are even plain invalid. Help us out to make them easier to resolve. Handling issues takes a lot of time that we would rather spend on fixing bugs and adding features.

Give feedback on issues

We're always looking for more opinions on discussions in the issue tracker. It's a good opportunity to influence the future direction of the project.

The question label is a good place to find ongoing discussions.

Write code

You can use issue labels to discover issues you could help us out with.

  • enhancement issues are features we are open to including
  • bug issues are known bugs we would like to fix
  • future issues are those that we'd like to get to, but not anytime soon. Please check before working on these since we may not yet want to take on the burden of supporting those features
  • on the help wanted label you can always find something exciting going on

You may find that an issue is assigned, or has the assigned label. Please double-check before starting on this issue because somebody else is likely already working on it

Say hi

Come over and say hi anytime you feel like on Gitter!

Translating Documentation

Create a Translation

  • Check the index file to ensure that the document is not already translated in your target language.
  • Add the name of the language to the document as an extension, e.g:
  • Place the translated document inside the docs/i18n directory.
  • Add your github profile and the translated document to the index file.
  • Create a Pull Request including the language in the title, e.g: Readme: Japanese Translation

Improve a Translation

  • Include your github profile next to the translation you improved at the index file.
  • Create a Pull Request that delivers the improvements and include the language in the title, e.g: Readme: Improvements for the Japanese Translation

Submitting an issue

  • Search the issue tracker before opening an issue
  • Ensure you're using the latest version of Ao (Quick cheat) Latest version
  • Use a descriptive title
  • Include as much information as possible;
    • Steps to reproduce the issue
    • App settings
    • Error message
    • Ao version
    • Operating system etc

Submitting a pull request

  • Non-trivial changes are often best discussed in an issue first, to prevent you from doing unnecessary work
  • Try making the pull request from a topic branch if it is of crucial importance
  • Use a descriptive title for the pull request and commits
  • You might be asked to do changes to your pull request, you can do that by just updating the existing one

Inspired by project AVA's

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