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(define (bind param val) (cond
((and (null? param) (null? val))
((eq? param '_)
((symbol? param)
(list (list param val)))
((and (pair? param) (pair? val))
(bind (car param) (car val))
(bind (cdr param) (cdr val))))
(error "can't bind" param val))))
(define (m-lookup name env)
(if (null? env)
(error "could not find" name)
(let ((binding (assq name (car env))))
(if binding
(m-lookup name (cdr env))))))
(define (m-eval env exp) (cond
((symbol? exp)
(cadr (m-lookup exp env)))
((pair? exp)
(m-operate env (m-eval env (car exp)) (cdr exp)))
(define (m-operate env operative operands)
(operative env operands))
(define (m-vau static-env vau-operands)
(let ((params (car vau-operands))
(env-param (cadr vau-operands))
(body (caddr vau-operands)))
(lambda (dynamic-env operands)
(cons env-param params)
(cons dynamic-env operands))
(define (make-global-frame)
(define (wrap-primitive fun)
(lambda (env operands)
(apply fun (map (lambda (exp) (m-eval env exp)) operands))))
(list 'vau m-vau)
(list 'eval (wrap-primitive m-eval))
(list 'operate (wrap-primitive m-operate))
(list 'lookup (wrap-primitive m-lookup))
(list 'bool (wrap-primitive (lambda (b t f) (if b t f))))
(list 'eq? (wrap-primitive eq?))
(list 'null? (wrap-primitive null?))
(list 'symbol? (wrap-primitive symbol?))
(list 'pair? (wrap-primitive pair?))
(list 'cons (wrap-primitive cons))
(list 'car (wrap-primitive car))
(list 'cdr (wrap-primitive cdr))
(list 'set-car! (wrap-primitive set-car!))
(list 'set-cdr! (wrap-primitive set-cdr!))
(list '+ (wrap-primitive +))
(list '* (wrap-primitive *))
(list '- (wrap-primitive -))
(list '/ (wrap-primitive /))
(list '<= (wrap-primitive <=))
(list '= (wrap-primitive =))
(list 'error (wrap-primitive error))
(list 'display (wrap-primitive display))
(list 'read (wrap-primitive read))
(list 'eof-object? (wrap-primitive eof-object?))
(list 'open-input-file (wrap-primitive open-input-file))))
(define global-env (list (make-global-frame)))
(define (execute-file filename)
(let ((stream (open-input-file filename)))
(define (loop)
(let ((exp (read stream)))
(if (eof-object? exp)
(display exp) (display "\n")
(m-eval global-env exp)
(execute-file "prelude.qop")
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