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Support url-based authentication tokens for passwordless login. These can
be used in place of / in addition to a traditional name & password registration
process (depending on your application's needs).
Generate the token model/migration, which will be linked to the model you want
to identify with the token (i.e. a User model):
script/generate trivial_tokens user
Any url that has a token=fulltokenstringexample1234 parameter will have the
token available to it through YourController#provided_token
Is this Secure?
If you use this as a stand-alone authentication mechanism and expose the token
over an unencypted channel, not particularly.
There may be situations where this doesn't bother you though, for example
guest accounts, "forgot password" links, trivial applications or local network
environments where you trust everyone.
Copyright (c) 2008 Roland Swingler, released under the MIT license