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Minimal overhead NodeJS REST server.

Insprired by the amazing throughput of NodeJS but dissappointed by the overhead of the available libraries I decided to hone my own.

There is a performance review available on codeproject review

The test suite is available on github at rest-stress

Installation and Usage

Install rapid-rest with npm

npm install rapid-rest 

The following call should be placed on your web facing server page.



The syntax is wholesale copy of the node-rest project which seems to have lost some of it's steam plus some smatterings of other REST syntaxes that I've used along the way.

Example 1:

Accept a GET request that has a single parameter in the path

    ('get', function(req, res, params){
         alert("You requested:" + params.over_name);

Example 2:

Accept a POST request with multiple parameter in the path

    ('post', function(req, res, params, data){
         alert("You sent:" + JSON.stringify(data) + " to " +  params.here_name  + " for user: " + params.user);

Example 3:

Accept a DELETE request with parameters defined in the path and with multiple required querystring parameters.

     ('delete', function(req, res, params){
          alert("You're deleting:" + params.where + " where here_name is " +  req.query.here_name  
                           + ", for user: " + req.query.user)

Future development

  • Allow integration with middleware such as connect or express
  • More tests
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