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Make the method isStaticSection public #9

nitriques opened this Issue Jun 26, 2011 · 8 comments

4 participants


Hi! I wrote an extension that adds button to the backend of Symphony. Since these buttons should not be displayed in a static section, it could be nice to use your method instead of the copy/paste I made..

The purpose of this is to permit you to modify your logic as when and how a section is declared static, while keeping other extensions from crashing if your logic changes.

What do you think ?


Is there any chance I get a response ?




@knupska: I can take over the maintenance of this project if you do not want to do it anymore...



This extension is maintained by @rainerborene. You should simply fork it, make the change, pull request and even notice on the forum.

knupska commented Jul 2, 2011

Sorry guys, yes, please let @rainerborene know.

I'm not particularily good at using Git myself, and haven't had the time available to maintain this extension in a very long time.


That's perfectly possible, @nitriques. Could you fork this repository and make this change?


Done. 94de060



I am a bit confused here... What to you want me to do ? Nothing since @knupska's code is up-to-date ? Thanks by the way! Did you changed the version number ?

And anther question: How should we change repros on the Symphony Website when the "official" one changes? Should we published it as a new ext or update the old one ?

I always go on the extension page and to my search there so I think it must be up-to-date.

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