Column resizing? #311

ThomasSiegmund opened this Issue Oct 10, 2016 · 3 comments


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are there any plans to bring the ColsResizer extension back?

Thanks a lot


@koalyptus koalyptus added the question label Oct 11, 2016

Hi @ThomasSiegmund,
You are actually the first one asking about that feature 😄, I guess touch devices made this capability less relevant. Not really planning to resuscitate it for the moment, first finalising the refactoring process before adding new features.


+1 for col resizer.
FYI We're looking at working around this at the moment by popping our table filter tables into a bootstrap panel and using lobipanel ( to allow us to pop the table (and panel) out of our fixed width layout site so it can use the full screen. Its not exactly the same effect but its better than using a lot of scrolling using grid

@koalyptus koalyptus added the feature label Nov 26, 2016

Would love this feature. There's a plugin called colResizable here that we were trying to use to add the feature, but it turns out the popup-filters option somehow interferes with it.

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