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A touch typing app made in Electron.
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A touch typing app made in Electron.

What is it?

I know it sounds crazy, but as a developer I've never learnt how to effectivly touch type, and I'm guessing there are other people like me as well. I'm a big fan of KeyKey but since most of the time I use a PC or Linux I don't get to use it enough to improve. It would be great to have a tool that works on all three systems and the web, that's why I'm making McGurrin.


If you'd like to contribute feel free, the project is at it's early stages but I want to build lots of features that would make learning to touch type fun and easy.

Getting started is simple.

npm install
npm run dev

Currently I'm writing the app in TypeScript and using Parcel as the bundler.

Planned Features

  • Fast and modern interface.
  • Gradual progression to more keys.
  • Better statistics and data.
  • Arbitary keyboard layouts.
  • Cloud storing of achievements and progression.
  • Themes and UI tweaks.
  • Installers for all major OS'.
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