Our boilerplate for Middleman 4 projects.
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This is the boilerplate for Kollegornas Middleman projects. We're currently using Middleman 4.

Local setup

  1. Make sure you have the same Ruby version installed as the repo.
  2. Install Bundler and Node.js.
  3. Clone repository
  4. $ npm install && gulp install

Gulp commands

The following gulp commands are at your service…

$ gulp install

Runs bundle install and bower install

$ gulp middleman

Runs bundle exec middleman

$ gulp serve

Builds Middleman and create a BrowserSync server that watches all changes

$ gulp build

Builds Middleman

$ gulp deploy

Builds Middleman and deploys with rsync

$ gulp s3

Builds Middleman and deploys to s3 bucket



If you're planning to use rsync for deployment then you have to change the configuration:


By default it's configured to deploy to one of our VPS's.

Deploy to Amazon S3

You need to set the following environment variables. We recommend that you use direnv.