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// Auth interfaces
import { IAuthOptions } from 'node-sp-auth';
// Auth interfaces
export type StrategyCode =
| 'OnPremiseAddinCredentials'
| 'OnpremiseUserCredentials'
| 'OnpremiseTmgCredentials'
| 'OnpremiseFbaCredentials'
| 'OnlineAddinCredentials'
| 'UserCredentials'
| 'AdfsUserCredentials'
| 'OnDemandCredentials';
export interface IAuthContext {
siteUrl: string;
strategy?: StrategyCode;
authOptions: IAuthOptions;
custom?: any;
settings?: IAuthConfigSettings;
export interface IAuthContextSettings {
siteUrl: string;
strategy?: StrategyCode;
[name: string]: any;
export interface IStrategyDictItem {
id: StrategyCode;
withPassword: boolean;
target: ('OnPremise' | 'Online' | 'O365Dedicated')[];
name: string;
verifyCallback?: (...args: any[]) => boolean;
withSeparator?: boolean;
export interface IAuthConfigSettings {
configPath?: string;
defaultConfigPath?: string;
encryptPassword?: boolean;
saveConfigOnDisk?: boolean;
authOptions?: IAuthOptions;
forcePrompts?: boolean;
masterKey?: string;
headlessMode?: boolean;
export interface ICheckPromptsResponse {
needPrompts: boolean;
needSave: boolean;
authContext?: IAuthContext;
jsonRawData?: any;
export interface ICliInitParameters {
path: string;
encrypt?: boolean;
masterkey?: string;
format?: boolean;
export interface ICliReadParameters extends ICliInitParameters {}
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