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Aztec is for compiling Kotlin sources without setting your hair on fire.


Aztec is a python tool. So, to use it you need python.

Aztec uses setuptools package to install itself. If you haven't it, you can download it from PyPi or install from repository.

  1. git clone
  2. cd aztec
  3. sudo python install

After that you can use Aztec by az command.

First time you launch it, Aztec downloads required Kotlin libraries.


You can type az to see help.

andrew@andrew-u100 ~/dev/euler $ az
Aztec []
Aztec is for compiling Kotlin sources without setting your hair on fire.
You can use `azs` to run Kotlin file like a script.

Usage: az [options]

available options:
        clean               : clean output directory
        help                : print help information
        compile             : compile sources
        pack                : compile sources and pack them to executable file
        upgrade             : upgrade kotlin libraries upto last version
        list                : print list of installed plugins
        version             : show version
        jar                 : compile sources and pack them to jar

Type az help [command] for concrete command documentation.

andrew@andrew-u100 ~/dev/euler $ az help pack
Usage: az pack [options] name

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
                        change default output folder
  -s SOURCE, --src=SOURCE
                        set files for compilation


You can write scripts on Kotlin and execute them with azs command. Your scripts will be cached, so only first run will trigger the compilation:

C:\devel-kotlin\euler>cat demo.kt
println("hello world")

C:\devel-kotlin\euler>azs demo.kt
hello world
time: 2.1970000267

C:\devel-kotlin\euler>azs demo.kt
hello world
time: 0.0849997997284

On unix systems you can add #!/usr/bin/env azs at first line of file and make this script executable.

You can write code in command line for quick testing:

C:\devel-kotlin\euler>azs "println(\"hello from command line\")"
hello from command line


Aztec built on plugin architecture. You can check sources for examples.


  • Documentation and tutorials
  • Project / module automtic detection
  • IDEA project skeleton integration
  • Project dependencies support
  • Test support


Your ideas, issues and pull requests are welcome.