toggle a scratchpad in Vim
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This plug-in adds a key binding, by default dsp (= Display Scratch Pad), that toggles a scratchpad. By default, it assumes the filetype FT and working directory CWD of the currently active buffer, and is stored in CWD/.scratchpads/scratchpad.FT.

The directory where the scratchpad is stored in is set by the variable

    let g:scratchpad_path = '.scratchpads'

It may be an absolute or relative path. If it is a relative path (such as, by default .scratchpads), then it is relative to the working directory of the currently active window.

The filetype of the scratchpad is set by the variable

    let g:scratchpad_ftype = ''

If it is empty (as by default), then the filetype is that of the currently active buffer.

The key binding is set by the mapping

    nmap dsp <Plug>(ToggleScratchPad)