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export CLASSPATH=./classes:./testclasses:./libs/asm-all-2.2.3.jar:./libs/junit.jar:$CLASSPATH
echo making dir: ./classes
rm -rf ./classes
rm -rf ./testclasses
mkdir ./classes
mkdir ./testclasses
echo Compiling java source ===========================================
javac -g -d ./classes `find . -name "*.java" `
echo Compiling .j files for testing ==================================
java -ea -d ./classes `find . -name "*.j"`
echo Weaving =========================================================
# Weave all files under ./classes, compiling the tests to
# ./testclasses while excluding any that match "ExInvalid". These are
# negative tests for the Weaver.
java -ea -d ./classes -x "ExInvalid|test" ./classes
java -ea -d ./testclasses -x "ExInvalid" ./classes