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A fancy little map/reducer for complex JavaScript data objects.
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JavaScript requires you to test every value in a nested object, which can add a lot of bloated tests for "undefined" if you're dealing with deeply nested objects. This is a fancy little map/reducer for complex JavaScript data objects. Check out the tests file to see all the features.

Works client-side on most major browsers without any polyfills. Great for use with your favorite javascript chart library!

This work is public domain, free for use and modification without restriction.

let SafeObj = require('./safeobj.js');

var myData = new SafeObj({
  a: {
    b: {
      c0: 17,
      c1: [
        { total: 1 },
        { total: 5 },
        { total: 7 }
      c2: {
        d1: { total: 1 },
        d2: { total: 3 },
        d3: { total: 6 }

myData.get('a.b.c0'); // 17
myData.get(''); // null

myData.get('a.b.c1',[0,1],'total'); // [1,5]
myData.get('a.b.c1.[*].total'); // [1,5,7]

myData.get('a.b.c2.{d1,d2}.total'); // {d1:1, d2:3}
myData.get('a.b.c2.{*}.total'); // {d1:1, d2:3, d3: 6}

myData.sum('a.b.c1',[1,2],'total'); // 12

See the tests file for full usage examples.

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