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GaelSpell is also available as a web service that application developers can use for their own projects. It is currently used to power the GaelSpell web interface on Pota Focal.

To use the API, simply make a HTTP POST request to the URL with one parameter:

  • teacs: The Irish language text to be checked, as URL-encoded UTF-8

The parameter should be sent in the body of the request (not as part of the URL), and the request should specify Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

The response will be a JSON array with one entry for each misspelling reported by GaelSpell. Each entry is itself an array with two elements, the first being the misspelled word and the second being an ordered array of suggested corrections. If, for example, the value of the teacs parameter is the following string

Ba mhath liom abcdefxyz
agus ba mhaith lei é fresin

You should get a response resembling this:

	["mhath", ["mhaith", "mhaoth", "mheath", "mhaoith", "mhá", "Mhaigh", "Mháigh", "bhaoth", "bhfáth", "mhaígh", "mheádh", "mhioth", "mhéith", "hÁth", "háth"]],
	["abcdefxyz", []],
	["lei", ["léi", "Leo", "leo", "Eli", "LI", "le", "", "", "leib", "leid", "leis", "léic", "léig", "léim", "léin"]],
	["fresin", ["freisin", "Fresno", "drisín", "frídín", "rísín", "gréasáin", "faisin", "fáisín", "frasaíonn", "réasúin", "réasún", "faraesan", "físeáin", "bhreisínn", "Róisín"]]


  • The suggestions are provided by the aspell spellchecking engine, and are intended to be ordered in such a way that the most likely corrections come first.
  • For some misspellings there are no suggestions (as is the case for the second entry in the example above).
  • The maximum number of suggestions for any misspelling is currently 15.

HTTP Response Codes

  • 200 (OK): Successful request
  • 400 (Bad Request): Missing parameter in request, empty source text, source text not encoded as UTF-8, etc.
  • 403 (Forbidden): Request from unapproved IP address
  • 405 (Method Not Allowed): Only POST requests permitted
  • 413 (Payload Too Large): Request larger than 16k bytes
  • 500 (Internal Server Error): Translation server failed to process request

Access and Rate Limits

If you'd like to use the API, please contact me directly (kscanne at gmail) and I will add your IP address to a whitelist.