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Available kubectl plugins

To install these kubectl plugins:

  1. Install Krew
  2. Run kubectl krew install PLUGIN_NAME to install a plugin via Krew.

The following kubectl plugins are currently available on Krew plugin index. Note that this table may be outdated. For the most up-to-date list of plugins, visit the krew-index repository or run kubectl krew search.

Name Description Stars
access-matrix Show an RBAC access matrix for server resources GitHub stars
auth-proxy Authentication proxy to a pod or service GitHub stars
bulk-action Do bulk actions on Kubernetes resources. GitHub stars
ca-cert Print the PEM CA certificate of the current cluster GitHub stars
change-ns View or change the current namespace via kubectl. GitHub stars
config-cleanup Automatically clean up your kubeconfig GitHub stars
cssh SSH into Kubernetes nodes GitHub stars
custom-cols A "kubectl get" replacement with customizable column presets GitHub stars
debug-shell Create pod with interactive kube-shell. GitHub stars
eksporter Export resources and removes a pre-defined set of fields for later import GitHub stars
exec-as Like kubectl exec, but offers a user flag to exec as root or any other user. GitHub stars
exec-cronjob Run a CronJob immediately as Job GitHub stars
get-all Like 'kubectl get all', but really everything GitHub stars
gke-credentials Fetch credentials for GKE clusters GitHub stars
gopass Imports secrets from gopass GitHub stars
grep Filter Kubernetes resources by matching their names GitHub stars
iexec Interactive selection tool for kubectl exec GitHub stars
ingress-nginx Interact with ingress-nginx GitHub stars
konfig Merge, split or import kubeconfig files GitHub stars
krew Package manager for kubectl plugins. GitHub stars
kubesec-scan Scan Kubernetes resources with GitHub stars
kudo Declaratively build, install, and run operators using KUDO.
match-name Match names of pods and other API objects GitHub stars
mtail Tail logs from multiple pods matching label selector
neat Remove clutter from Kubernetes manifests to make them more readable. GitHub stars
node-admin List nodes and run privileged pod with chroot GitHub stars
oidc-login Log in to the OpenID Connect provider GitHub stars
open-svc Open the Kubernetes URL(s) for the specified service in your browser. GitHub stars
outdated Finds outdated container images running in a cluster GitHub stars
pod-logs Display a list of pods to get logs from GitHub stars
pod-shell Display a list of pods to execute a shell in GitHub stars
preflight Executes application preflight tests in a cluster GitHub stars
prompt Prompts for user confirmation when executing commands in critical namespaces or clusters, i.e., production. GitHub stars
prune-unused Prune unused resources GitHub stars
rbac-lookup Reverse lookup for RBAC GitHub stars
rbac-view A tool to visualize your RBAC permissions. GitHub stars
resource-capacity Provides an overview of resource requests, limits, and utilization GitHub stars
restart Restarts a pod with the given name GitHub stars
rm-standalone-pods Remove all pods without owner references GitHub stars
sniff Start a remote packet capture on pods using tcpdump and wireshark GitHub stars
sort-manifests Sort manifest files in a proper order by Kind GitHub stars
ssh-jump A kubectl plugin to SSH into Kubernetes nodes using a SSH jump host Pod GitHub stars
sudo Run Kubernetes commands impersonated as group system:masters GitHub stars
support-bundle Creates support bundles for off-cluster analysis GitHub stars
tail Stream logs from multiple pods and containers using simple, dynamic source selection. GitHub stars
view-secret Decode secrets GitHub stars
view-serviceaccount-kubeconfig Show a kubeconfig setting to access the apiserver with a specified serviceaccount. GitHub stars
view-utilization Shows cluster cpu and memory utilization GitHub stars
virt Control KubeVirt virtual machines using virtctl
warp Sync and execute local files in Pod GitHub stars
who-can Shows who has RBAC permissions to access Kubernetes resources GitHub stars

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