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Private Distributors List

This list is used to provide actionable information to multiple distribution vendors at once. This list is not intended for individuals to find out about security issues.

Embargo Policy

Members of must share list information only within their teams, on a need-to-know basis to get the related issue fixed in their distribution. The information members and others receive from the list must not be made public, shared, nor even hinted at otherwise, except with the list's explicit approval. This holds true until the public disclosure date/time that was agreed upon by the list.

Before any information from the list is shared with respective members of your team required to fix an issue, they must agree to the same terms and only find out information on a need-to-know basis.

As a clarifying example, this policy forbids SRC members (or others who don't work on a distribution) from sharing list information with their non-distributor employers.

In the unfortunate event you share the information beyond what is allowed by this policy, you must urgently inform the mailing list of exactly what information leaked and to whom. A retrospective will take place after the leak so we can assess how to not make the same mistake in the future.

If you continue to leak information and break the policy outlined here, you will be removed from the list.

Contributing Back

This is a team effort. As a member of the list you must carry some water. This could be in the form of the following:


  • Review and/or test the proposed patches and point out potential issues with them (such as incomplete fixes for the originally reported issues, additional issues you might notice, and newly introduced bugs), and inform the list of the work done even if no issues were encountered.


  • Help draft emails to the public disclosure mailing list.
  • Help with release notes.


Group membership is managed through the Kubernetes domain group administration configuration:, under the distributors-announce section.

Membership Criteria

To be eligible for the mailing list, your distribution should:

  1. Have an actively monitored security email alias for our project.
  2. Be an actively maintained and CNCF certified distribution of Kubernetes components.
  3. Have a user base not limited to your own organization.
  4. Have a publicly verifiable track record up to present day of fixing security issues.
  5. Not be a downstream or rebuild of another distribution.
  6. Be a participant and active contributor in the community.
  7. Accept the Embargo Policy that is outlined above.
  8. Be willing to contribute back as outlined above.
  9. Have someone already on the list vouch for the person requesting membership on behalf of your distribution.

Removal: If your distribution stops meeting one or more of these criteria after joining the list then you will be unsubscribed.

Request to Join

File an issue here, filling in the criteria template.