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Currently only Heapster integration is supported, however there are plans to introduce integration framework to Dashboard. It will allow to support and integrate more metric providers as well as additional applications such as Weave Scope or Grafana.

Metric integrations

Metric integrations allow Dashboard to show cpu/memory usage graphs and sparklines of resources running inside the cluster. In order to make Dashboard resilient to metric provider crashes there was --metric-client-check-period flag introduced. By default every 30 seconds health of the metric provider will be checked and in case it crashes metrics will be disabled.


For the sparklines and graphs to be shown in Dashboard you need to have Heapster running on your cluster. We require heapster to be deployed in kube-system namespace together with service named heapster. In case heapster is not accessible from inside the cluster you can provide heapster url as a flag to Dashboard container --heapster-host=<heapster_url>.

NOTE: Currently --heapster-host flag does not support HTTPS connection. Only HTTP urls should be used.

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