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KEP-NNNN: Your short, descriptive title

Release Signoff Checklist

Items marked with (R) are required prior to targeting to a milestone / release.

  • (R) Enhancement issue in release milestone, which links to KEP dir in kubernetes/enhancements (not the initial KEP PR)
  • (R) KEP approvers have approved the KEP status as implementable
  • (R) Design details are appropriately documented
  • (R) Test plan is in place, giving consideration to SIG Architecture and SIG Testing input (including test refactors)
    • e2e Tests for all Beta API Operations (endpoints)
    • (R) Ensure GA e2e tests for meet requirements for Conformance Tests
    • (R) Minimum Two Week Window for GA e2e tests to prove flake free
  • (R) Graduation criteria is in place
  • (R) Production readiness review completed
  • (R) Production readiness review approved
  • "Implementation History" section is up-to-date for milestone
  • User-facing documentation has been created in kubernetes/website, for publication to
  • Supporting documentation—e.g., additional design documents, links to mailing list discussions/SIG meetings, relevant PRs/issues, release notes






User Stories (Optional)

Story 1

Story 2

Notes/Constraints/Caveats (Optional)

Risks and Mitigations

Design Details

Test Plan

Graduation Criteria

Upgrade / Downgrade Strategy

Version Skew Strategy

Production Readiness Review Questionnaire

Feature Enablement and Rollback

How can this feature be enabled / disabled in a live cluster?
  • Feature gate (also fill in values in kep.yaml)
    • Feature gate name:
    • Components depending on the feature gate:
  • Other
    • Describe the mechanism:
    • Will enabling / disabling the feature require downtime of the control plane?
    • Will enabling / disabling the feature require downtime or reprovisioning of a node? (Do not assume Dynamic Kubelet Config feature is enabled).
Does enabling the feature change any default behavior?
Can the feature be disabled once it has been enabled (i.e. can we roll back the enablement)?
What happens if we reenable the feature if it was previously rolled back?
Are there any tests for feature enablement/disablement?

Rollout, Upgrade and Rollback Planning

How can a rollout or rollback fail? Can it impact already running workloads?
What specific metrics should inform a rollback?
Were upgrade and rollback tested? Was the upgrade->downgrade->upgrade path tested?
Is the rollout accompanied by any deprecations and/or removals of features, APIs, fields of API types, flags, etc.?

Monitoring Requirements

How can an operator determine if the feature is in use by workloads?
How can someone using this feature know that it is working for their instance?
  • Events
    • Event Reason:
  • API .status
    • Condition name:
    • Other field:
  • Other (treat as last resort)
    • Details:
What are the reasonable SLOs (Service Level Objectives) for the enhancement?
What are the SLIs (Service Level Indicators) an operator can use to determine the health of the service?
  • Metrics
    • Metric name:
    • [Optional] Aggregation method:
    • Components exposing the metric:
  • Other (treat as last resort)
    • Details:
Are there any missing metrics that would be useful to have to improve observability of this feature?


Does this feature depend on any specific services running in the cluster?


Will enabling / using this feature result in any new API calls?
Will enabling / using this feature result in introducing new API types?
Will enabling / using this feature result in any new calls to the cloud provider?
Will enabling / using this feature result in increasing size or count of the existing API objects?
Will enabling / using this feature result in increasing time taken by any operations covered by existing SLIs/SLOs?
Will enabling / using this feature result in non-negligible increase of resource usage (CPU, RAM, disk, IO, ...) in any components?


How does this feature react if the API server and/or etcd is unavailable?
What are other known failure modes?
What steps should be taken if SLOs are not being met to determine the problem?

Implementation History



Infrastructure Needed (Optional)