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GLBC is a GCE L7 load balancer controller that manages external loadbalancers configured through the Kubernetes Ingress API.

A word to the wise

Please read the beta limitations doc to before using this controller. In summary:

  • This is a work in progress.
  • It relies on a beta Kubernetes resource.
  • The loadbalancer controller pod is not aware of your GCE quota.


See here for high-level concepts on Ingress in Kubernetes.

For GCP-specific documentation, please visit here (core use-cases) and here (other cool features).


Please visit the changelog for both high-level release notes and a detailed changelog.


Please visit our docs for more information on how to run, contribute, troubleshoot and much more!

GKE Version Mapping

The table below describes what version of Ingress-GCE is running on GKE. Note that these versions are simply the defaults.

Format: k8s version -> glbc version ('+' indicates that version or above)

   * 1.9.6-gke.2+ -> 0.9.7
   * 1.9.7-gke.5+ -> 0.9.7
   * 1.10.4-gke.0+ -> v1.1.1
   * 1.10.5-gke.1+ -> v1.2.2
   * 1.10.5-gke.3+ -> v1.2.3
   * 1.10.6-gke.2+ -> v1.3.0
   * 1.10.7-gke.1+ -> v1.3.2
   * 1.11.2-gke.4+ -> v1.3.3
   * 1.11.3-gke.14+ -> v1.4.0
   * 1.11.6-gke.2+ -> v1.4.1
   * 1.11.6-gke.6+ -> v1.4.2
   * 1.11.7-gke.7+ -> v1.4.3
   * 1.12.5-gke.10+ -> v1.5.0
   * 1.12.6-gke.7+ -> v1.5.1


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