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jsleeio and k8s-ci-robot [imagebuilder] new flag for injecting extra tags (#708)
* [imagebuilder] new flag for injecting extra tags

Currently only implemented for AWS, as I don't have a GCE environment to
test in and didn't want to submit a change that would risk breaking
other people's images.

Add a flag `-addtags` to allow specifying one or more additional tags to
be injected into the `imagebuilder` configuration. This has two

1. users operating in the same AWS account can use tags to select images

2. it also allows injecting extra runtime config into the `bootstrap-vz`
   templates. Possibly best explained with an example from our internal
   CI job:

{{- define "gitref" -}}
{{- $ref := or .Tags.GitRef "" -}}
{{- if ne $ref "master" -}}
{{- printf "%s" $ref -}}
{{- end -}}
{{- end -}}
{{ if eq .Cloud "aws" }}
name: sm-k8s-1.8-debian-{system.release}-{system.architecture}-{provider.virtualization}-ebs-{%Y}-{%m}-{%d}{{ template "gitref" . }}
{{ else }}
name: k8s-1.8-debian-{system.release}-{system.architecture}-{%Y}-{%m}-{%d}{{- template "gitref" . }}
{{ end }}

* [imagebuilder] propagate tags between Config/provider

Don't want to pass the whole Config object through to the imagebuilder
process as it contains a private key. Instead, just propagate tags, so
that they can be used in both the template and in taggin the resulting

This could probably use some refactoring.
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This is a repository of community maintained Kubernetes cluster deployment automations.

Think of this as https://github.com/kubernetes/contrib for deployment automations! Each subdirectory is its own project. It should be a place where people can come see how the community is deploying kubernetes and should allow for faster development iteration compared to developing in the main repository.