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Prow source code has moved

The Prow source code that previously lived here was moved along with ghProxy to the kubernetes-sigs/prow repository on April 9, 2024.

How this impacts you and what to do:

  • If you just use Prow or maintain a Prow instance there is nothing you need to do. Container images will still be available at
  • If you don't develop Prow itself, but you do rely on its go packages (via importing the go module), after April 9th you'll need to update import statements to be prefixed with '' rather than ''. Since the repo relative paths will remain the same, you can use a sed command like this one to fix any references: sed -i 's,,,g;s,,,g' Don't forget to run go mod tidy afterwards.
  • If you do develop Prow you'll need to start targeting PRs against the kubernetes-sigs/prow repo instead of this repo. You can transfer any open PRs to the new repo by using the git format-patch and git am commands. You'll also need to update package references as described in the previous bullet point.