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"""compares work iTunes library with home iTunes library and
reports any music that exists at work but not at home.
import sys, os
import urllib
from collections import defaultdict
# Parse Apple's plist XML format, as used by iTunes for storing music
# information.
# Written by Fredrik Lundh as originally documented at
# That's not available anymore, though the Wayback Machine has it.
from xml.etree.cElementTree import iterparse
except ImportError:
from xml.etree import iterparse
import base64, datetime, re, os
# from dateutil.parser import parse as parse_date
unmarshallers = {
# collections
"array": lambda x: [v.text for v in x],
"dict": lambda x:
dict((x[i].text, x[i+1].text) for i in range(0, len(x), 2)),
"key": lambda x: x.text or "",
# simple types
"string": lambda x: x.text or "",
"data": lambda x: base64.decodestring(x.text or ""),
"date": lambda x:
datetime.datetime(*map(int, re.findall("\d+", x.text))),
"true": lambda x: True,
"false": lambda x: False,
"real": lambda x: float(x.text),
"integer": lambda x: int(x.text),
def load(file):
parser = iterparse(file)
for action, elem in parser:
unmarshal = unmarshallers.get(elem.tag)
if unmarshal:
data = unmarshal(elem)
elem.text = data
elif elem.tag != "plist":
raise IOError("unknown plist type: %r" % elem.tag)
return parser.root[0].text
# Search-and-replace strings to adjust the mp3's locations if necessary.
# sandrStrs = { "file://localhost/Volumes": "smb://sargent" }
sandrStrs = { "file://localhost": "" }
def main():
work_lib_file, home_lib_file = sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2]
except IndexError:
print 'Usage: "iTunes Music Library - Work.xml" "iTunes Music Library - Home.xml"'
for lib_file in (work_lib_file, home_lib_file):
if not os.path.isfile(lib_file):
print "File %s doesn't exist." % lib_file
work_library = load(work_lib_file)
missing = open("find_missing_music.log",'w')
num_existing = 0
num_missing = 0
# albums = defaultdict()
home_library = load(home_lib_file)
home_albums = set()
for track in iter_tracks(home_library):
home_albums.add(track.get('Album', 'Unknown Album'))
missing_albums = set()
album_artists = {}
for track in iter_tracks(work_library):
album_name = track.get('Album', 'Unknown Album')
if album_name not in home_albums:
album_artists.setdefault(album_name, [])
album_artists[album_name].append(track.get('Artist', 'Unknown Artist'))
for album_name in sorted(missing_albums):
if len(album_artists[album_name]) == 1:
artist_name = album_artists[album_name][0]
artist_name = "V/A"
missing.write("%s (%s)\n" % (album_name.encode('utf-8'), artist_name.encode('utf-8')))
print ""
print "Wrote %s" %
def iter_tracks(library):
# keys: ['Minor Version', 'Playlists', 'Features', 'Major Version',
# 'Library Persistent ID', 'Music Folder', 'Application Version', 'Tracks', 'Show Content Ratings']
for k, track in library['Tracks'].iteritems():
# The key in this case is the track ID number. The value is
# a dict of all information associated with the track
fileloc = track['Location']
for old, new in sandrStrs.iteritems():
fileloc = fileloc.replace(old, new)
fileloc = urllib.unquote(fileloc)
if 'iTunes/iTunes Music/' not in fileloc:
# was never in the library anyway so we don't care
yield track
if __name__ == '__main__':