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KumuluzEE MicroProfile Rest Client

KumuluzEE MicroProfile Rest Client project provides an easy way to define and invoke RESTful services over HTTP.

KumuluzEE MicroProfile Rest Client supports generation of rest clients from simple definitions. APIs are defined using interfaces and well-known JAX-RS annotations. Generated rest clients provide a type-safe way to invoke defined APIs and support a wide variety of providers which allow fine-grained but natural configuration at various stages of requests.

KumuluzEE MicroProfile Rest Client 1.0.1 implements MicroProfile Rest Client 1.0.1 API.


MicroProfile Rest Client can be added via the following Maven dependency:


Defining type-safe API

A type-safe API is defined by creating an interface:

public interface SimpleApi {
	Order getById(@PathParam("id") long id);

Building rest client instance

Defined rest client can be generated programmatically or injected using CDI.

Generating rest client programatically

Rest client can be built programmantically anywhere in application code.

SimpleApi simpleApi = RestClientBuilder
    .baseUrl(new URL(""))

Generating rest client with CDI injection

Injection of rest client is supported in CDI beans and offers an approach of generating a rest client with less boilerplate.

SimpleApi simpleApi;

If you are using CDI injection to create rest client, you must annotate your interface with @RegisterRestClient and define the base URL using configuration parameter as described below.

Using providers

KumuluzEE Rest Client supports the usage of additional providers, which enable fine-grained control of requests at various stages. Providers are implemented in similar fashion as in JAX-RS specification.

The following providers are supported:

  • ClientRequestFilter - invoked when a request is made.
  • ClientResponseFilter - invoked when a response is received.
  • MessageBodyReader - allows reading the entity from the response.
  • MessageBodyWriter - allows writing the entity to the request.
  • ParamConverter - allows conversion of request/response parameters to and from String.
  • ReaderInterceptor and WriterInterceptor - listeners for when a read/write occurs.
  • ResponseExceptionMapper - maps received Response to a Throwable that is thrown by runtime.

Provider registration

Providers can be registered either programmatically when building the rest client or with annotations placed on the definition class.

Example of programmatic registration:

SimpleApi simpleApi = RestClientBuilder
    .baseUrl(new URL(""))

Example of registration with annotations:

public interface SimpleApi {
	Order getById(@PathParam("id") long id);

Configuration of rest client definitions

Rest client definitions can be additionally configured using the KumuluzEE configuration. Example configuration for the cdi.api.TodoApi:

      - class: cdi.api.TodoApi
        providers: com.example.providers.Provider1,com.example.providers.Provider2

The class property identifies the definition of rest client by its class name. The url property defines the base URL for generated rest clients and the providers property is a comma separated list of providers, that are added to the generated rest clients.


Recent changes can be viewed on Github on the Releases Page


See the contributing docs

When submitting an issue, please follow the guidelines.

When submitting a bugfix, write a test that exposes the bug and fails before applying your fix. Submit the test alongside the fix.

When submitting a new feature, add tests that cover the feature.