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libxplanemp: X-Plane Multiplayer Rendering/Integration Library

libxplanemp provides common infrastructure for multiplayer clients to:

  • Render aircraft using CSL Models
  • Send TCAS responses to player aircraft
  • correlation of aircraft code/airline/livery sets to an available CSL model

without requiring the use of the X-Plane AI aircraft system

Creating Models

There are three supported model formats and rendering paths in XSB

  • OBJ8 CSL - The New OBJ8 based CSL system
  • LegacyCSL - the old (hacked OBJ7) format which is only supported for backwards compatibility reasons. Deprecated as of the release of X-Plane 11.
  • ACFs - a legacy method which involves using the AI system to render aircraft. Not recommended for use. Documented in LegacyCSL for now.

Because it seems it's now necessary, there's a list of CSL Development Best Practices.

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