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Kuroshi's XBMC Addons repository
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Kuroshi's XBMC Repository

Hello There!

This is my XBMC Addon repository! Here I host addons that I have made or modified for XBMC, or that I have been asked to host. Each addon probably has it's own repository, with the exception of the repository addon itself, as my belief is that one should not have to clone all of the addons to only modify a single one. This git repository just serves as a collection of the packages.


Simply download the repository zip and install it, or use XBMC's repository installer plugin.

Questions, Comments, Concerns, Issues

If you have any of these, go ahead and submit an issue, or contact me directly. I would prefer you submit an issue, though.

List of addons available

  • XBMAL, the XBMC MAL Updater addon, by Spencer Julian
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