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import csv
import json
import parity
from collections import namedtuple
def find_all_paths(graph, start, end, path=[]):
path = path + [start]
if start == end:
return [path]
if not graph.has_key(start):
return []
paths = []
for node in graph[start]:
if node not in path:
newpaths = find_all_paths(graph, node, end, path)
for newpath in newpaths:
return paths
def find_cycle(graph):
for startnode in graph:
for endnode in graph:
newpaths = find_all_paths(graph, startnode, endnode)
for path in newpaths:
if (len(path)==len(graph)):
if path[0] in graph[path[len(graph)-1]]:
return path
return cycles
def pairs(lst):
i = iter(lst)
first = prev =
for item in i:
yield prev, item
prev = item
yield item, first
def analyze():
Game = namedtuple('Game', 'day home_team home_score away_team away_score')
cops = []
for year in range(1869, 2011):
results = {}
lookup = {}
score_file = "data/scores/scores_{0}.csv".format(year)
conference_file = "data/teams/teams_{0}.json".format(year)
reader = csv.reader(open(score_file))
except IOError:
for row in reader:
game = Game(*row)
if game.home_team not in results:
results[game.home_team] = set()
if game.away_team not in results:
results[game.away_team] = set()
lookup[(game.away_team, game.home_team)] = game
lookup[(game.home_team, game.away_team)] = game
if int(game.home_score) > int(game.away_score):
elif int(game.home_score) < int(game.away_score):
data = json.load(open(conference_file))
for conference in data["conferences"]:
graph = {}
queue = []
seen = set()
for team in conference["teams"]:
if team in results:
graph[team] = results[team]
cop = find_cycle(graph)
if not cop:
circle = []
for winner, loser in pairs(cop):
game = lookup[(winner, loser)]
scores = [int(game.away_score), int(game.home_score)]
"winner": winner,
"loser": loser,
"winning_score": max(scores),
"losing_score": min(scores),
"conference": conference["name"],
"year": year,
"teams": circle,
return cops
if __name__ == "__main__":
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