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Typing test desktop program with a large amount of customization
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Typing test desktop program with a large amount of customization


TypingTest is a program to test your typing ability and allows you to practice to improve it. It was created to have an open-source and native alternative to as a school project. It seeks to improve upon the features of 10FastFingers by adding customization and features.

English language files taken from



TypingTest is written in C++ with the gtkmm library. The runtime dependencies are as follows:

  • gtkmm 3.20 or higher.

The build dependencies are:

  • A C++11 compiler, GCC and Clang both work.
  • CMake 2.6 or higher.
  • The glib-compile-resources command.


TypingTest uses CMake. Navigate into the build directory. TypingTest supports in-tree builds. Run cmake /path/to/source/dir and make install.


You can configure the test settings through the settings menu.

TypingTest supports three major test types and a custom type. The basic test is a short and quick test using basic words. The advanced test uses less common words. The endurance test is meant to test your typing for extended periods of time. The custom test allows you to tweak various settings such as how long the test should be and what amount of the most common words should be included in the test.

There are advanced settings as well. Many of these configure how your trouble words are calculated.

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