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#! /usr/bin/env python3
import datetime
import logging
# Optional for copying the text to the clipboard
from tkinter import Tk
except ImportError:
Tk = None
from ws.client import API, APIError
from ws.interactive import require_login
from ws.autopage import AutoPage
from ws.wikitable import Wikitable
import ws.cache
from ws.statistics.UserStatsModules import UserStatsModules
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class Statistics:
The whole statistics page.
def __init__(self, api, cliargs):
self.api = api
self.cliargs = cliargs
def set_argparser(argparser):
# first try to set options for objects we depend on
present_groups = [group.title for group in argparser._action_groups]
if "Connection parameters" not in present_groups:
output = argparser.add_argument_group(title="output")
# TODO: maybe leave only the short option to forbid configurability in config file
output.add_argument('-s', '--save', action='store_true',
help='try to save the page (requires being logged in)')
# FIXME: -c conflicts with -c/--config
# output.add_argument('-c', '--clipboard', action='store_true',
output.add_argument('--clipboard', action='store_true',
help='try to store the updated text in the clipboard')
output.add_argument('-p', '--print', action='store_true',
help='print the updated text in the standard output '
'(this is the default output method)')
usstats = argparser.add_argument_group(title="user statistics")
usstats.add_argument('--us-days-span', action='store', default=30,
type=int, dest='us_days', metavar='N',
help='the time span in days (default: %(default)s)')
usstats.add_argument('--us-min-tot-edits', action='store',
default=1000, type=int, dest='us_mintotedits', metavar='N',
help='minimum total edits for users with not enough '
'recent changes (default: %(default)s)')
usstats.add_argument('--us-min-rec-edits', action='store',
default=1, type=int, dest='us_minrecedits', metavar='N',
help='minimum recent changes for users with not enough '
'total edits (default: %(default)s)')
# TODO: main group for "script parameters" would be most logical, but
# but argparse does not display nested groups in the help page
group = argparser.add_argument_group(title="other parameters")
group.add_argument('-a', '--anonymous', action='store_true',
help='do not require logging in: queries may be limited to '
'a lower rate')
# TODO: maybe leave only the short option to forbid configurability in config file
group.add_argument('-f', '--force', action='store_true',
help='try to update the page even if it was last saved in '
'the same UTC day')
group.add_argument('--statistics-page', default='ArchWiki:Statistics',
help='the page name on the wiki to fetch and update '
'(default: %(default)s)')
# TODO: no idea how to forbid setting this globally in the config...
group.add_argument('--summary', default='automatic update',
help='the edit summary to use when saving the page '
'(default: %(default)s)')
def from_argparser(klass, args, api=None):
if api is None:
api = API.from_argparser(args)
return klass(api, args)
def run(self):
if not self.cliargs.anonymous:
try: = AutoPage(self.api, self.cliargs.statistics_page)
except ValueError:
logger.error("The page [[{}]] currently does not exist. It must be "
"created manually before the script can update it."
return 1
if self.cliargs.force or, strip_time=True):
return self._output_page()
else:"The page has already been updated this UTC day")
return 1
def _compose_page(self):
userstats = _UserStats(self.api, self.cliargs.cache_dir,,
self.cliargs.us_days, self.cliargs.us_mintotedits,
def _output_page(self):
ret = 0
try:, minor="1")"The page has been saved: do not forget to "
"double-check the diff")
ret |= 2
except APIError as err:
ret |= 1
if self.cliargs.clipboard or ret is False:
if Tk:
w = Tk()
# The copied text is lost once the script terminates
input("The updated page text has been copied to the clipboard: "
"paste it in the browser, then press Enter to continue")
ret |= 2
logger.error("It has not been possible to copy the updated "
"text to the clipboard")
ret |= 1
# If no other action was chosen, always print the output, so that all
# the effort doesn't go wasted
if self.cliargs.print or ret == 0:
return ret & 1
class _UserStats:
User statistics.
INTRO = """\n
This table shows the {} users with at least {} edits in total, combined with \
the {} users who made at least {} {} in the {} days between {} and {} (00:00 \
UTC), for a total of {} users.
The meaning of the additional columns is:
* '''Recent''' — the number of edits made in the past 30 days. Includes \
only normal edits, not special actions such as moving a page.
* '''Total''' — the total number of edits made since the registration. \
Includes only normal edits (including deleted ones), special actions are not \
* '''Longest streak''' — the length of the longest recorded streak in \
days. The details for the streak are provided as tooltips.
* '''Current streak''' — the length of the last recorded streak in days. \
The details for the streak are provided as tooltips.
* '''Avg. (total)''' — the average of edits per day since the user's \
registration, calculated as the total number of edits divided by the number of \
days since the registration date until today.
* '''Avg. (active)''' — the ''active'' average of edits per day between \
the user's first and last edits, calculated as the total number of edits \
divided by the number of days between the user's first and last edits.
FIELDS = ("user", "registration", "groups", "recenteditcount", "editcount",
"longest streak", "current streak", "totaleditsperday",
FIELDS_FORMAT = ("User", "Registration", "Groups", "Recent", "Total",
"Longest<br>streak", "Current<br>streak",
"Avg.<br>(total)", "Avg.<br>(active)")
"*": "",
"autoconfirmed": "",
"user": "",
"checkuser": "",
"bureaucrat": "[[ArchWiki:Bureaucrats|bureaucrat]]",
"sysop": "[[ArchWiki:Administrators|administrator]]",
"maintainer": "[[ArchWiki:Maintainers|maintainer]]",
"bot": "[[ArchWiki:Bots|bot]]",
STREAK_FORMAT = '<span title="{length} days, from {start} to {end} ({editcount} edits)">{length}</span>'
def __init__(self, api, cache_dir, autopage, days, mintotedits, minrecedits):
self.api = api
self.text = autopage.wikicode.get_sections(matches="User statistics",
flat=True, include_lead=False, include_headings=False)[0]
self.DAYS = days
self.CELLSN = len(self.FIELDS)
self.MINTOTEDITS = mintotedits
self.MINRECEDITS = minrecedits
self.db_userprops = ws.cache.AllUsersProps(api, cache_dir, active_days=days, round_to_midnight=True)
self.db_allrevsprops = ws.cache.AllRevisionsProps(api, cache_dir)
self.modules = UserStatsModules(self.db_allrevsprops, round_to_midnight=True)
def update(self):
rows = self._compose_rows()
majorusersN = len([1 for row in rows if row[self.FIELDS.index("editcount")] > self.MINTOTEDITS])
activeusersN = self.db_userprops.activeuserscount
totalusersN = len(rows)
self._compose_table(rows, majorusersN, activeusersN, totalusersN)
def _format_name(name):
return "[[User:{}|{}]]".format(name, name)
def _format_registration(cls, registration):
if registration:
return registration.strftime(cls.REGISTRATION_FORMAT)
# There seems to be users without registration date (?!?) TODO: investigate
return "-"
def _format_groups(cls, groups):
fgroups = [cls.GRPTRANSL[group] for group in groups]
# drop empty strings
fgroups = list(filter(bool, fgroups))
return ", ".join(fgroups)
def _compose_rows(self):
rows = []
for user in self.db_userprops:
if "invalid" in user or "missing" in user:
if user["editcount"] >= self.MINTOTEDITS or user["recenteditcount"] >= self.MINRECEDITS:
name = user["name"]
# There seems to be users without registration date (?!?) TODO: investigate
if user["registration"]:
registration = user["registration"]
registration = None
longest_streak, current_streak = self.modules.get_streaks(name)
# compose row with cells ordered based on self.FIELDS
# TODO: perhaps it would be best if Wikitable.assemble could handle list of dicts
cells = [None] * len(self.FIELDS)
cells[self.FIELDS.index("user")] = self._format_name(name)
cells[self.FIELDS.index("recenteditcount")] = user["recenteditcount"]
cells[self.FIELDS.index("editcount")] = self.modules.total_edit_count(name)
cells[self.FIELDS.index("registration")] = self._format_registration(registration)
cells[self.FIELDS.index("groups")] = self._format_groups(user["groups"])
cells[self.FIELDS.index("longest streak")] = "0" if longest_streak is None else self.STREAK_FORMAT.format(**longest_streak)
cells[self.FIELDS.index("current streak")] = "0" if current_streak is None else self.STREAK_FORMAT.format(**current_streak)
cells[self.FIELDS.index("totaleditsperday")] = "{:.2f}".format(self.modules.edits_per_day(name, registration))
cells[self.FIELDS.index("activeeditsperday")] = "{:.2f}".format(self.modules.active_edits_per_day(name))
# Tertiary key (registration date, ascending)
rows.sort(key=lambda item: item[self.FIELDS.index("registration")])
# Secondary key (edit count, descending)
rows.sort(key=lambda item: item[self.FIELDS.index("editcount")], reverse=True)
# Primary key (recent edits, descending)
rows.sort(key=lambda item: item[self.FIELDS.index("recenteditcount")], reverse=True)
return rows
def _compose_table(self, rows, majorusersN, activeusersN, totalusersN):
newtext = (self.INTRO).format(majorusersN, self.MINTOTEDITS,
activeusersN, self.MINRECEDITS,
"edits" if self.MINRECEDITS > 1 else "edit",
self.DAYS, self.db_userprops.firstdate,
self.db_userprops.lastdate, totalusersN)
newtext += Wikitable.assemble(self.FIELDS_FORMAT, rows)
self.text.replace(self.text, newtext, recursive=False)
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys
import ws.config
statistics = ws.config.object_from_argparser(Statistics, description="Update the statistics page on ArchWiki")