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Julia Tutorial Materials for the Grid Science Winter School 2019
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Grid Science Winter School Julia Tutorial


This repository contains materials for the Julia/JuMP tutorial, held at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Grid Science Winter School, January 7-11, 2019.

This README will walk you through how to install Julia and IJulia.

Install Julia

To get started, you first need to install Julia.

Windows 7 Users: as instructed on the downloads page, you will need to install at least version 3.0 of the Windows Management Framework.

Download the materials

Next, you need to download a copy of these materials.

  • If you have git installed, (after cd'ing to an appropriate directory) run
git clone
  • If you don't have git installed (i.e., the above command fails), download this zip file. Once downloaded, unzip it to an appropriate location.

Open Julia

Now open Julia, either by typing julia at a terminal, or from where ever you installed it. Once open, you should be faced with the Julia REPL that looks like this:

Julia REPL

Install Jupyter

Now we need to install Jupyter. In the Julia REPL, run the following commands (this may take a little bit of time):

import Pkg

Open a Jupyter notebook

Okay, last step, let's launch a Jupyter notebook! Open a Julia REPL and then run:

using IJulia

Note: we've had some reports that dir="~" fails on some NIX machines. Use an absolute path instead.

If all goes well, a browser window will open that looks like this:


To get started on the content portion of the tutorials, click on the first notebook entitled Class I - An introduction to Julia.

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