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Quickly build an admin panel for your Eloquent models, then customize every little detail.

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Among the FREE features of each admin interface:

  • List operation
    • 24 column types
    • 1-1, 1-n and n-n relationships
    • table view with search, pagination
    • click column header to sort by it
    • custom buttons
    • details row
    • easily create new column types
    • easily override an existing column type
  • Create / Update operations
    • 29 field types
    • back-end validation using Laravel Form Requests
    • translatable models (multi-language)
    • have multiple fields per line
    • split fields into tabs
  • Delete operation
  • Reorder operation
  • Revise operation (aka. audit log)

But professionals love it not only because it is feature-packed. They also love it because it's ridiculously easy to override a functionality. Generally, you just need to create a function (or blade file) with the right name. Yes, it can be that easy.

Need more complex features? Purchase Backpack PRO, our closed-source paid add-on. It will add 5 more operations, 10 filters, 28 more fields, 6 more columns and 1 more widget. For more info, see our FREE vs PRO comparison table. We believe it's everything you need to build admin panels of any complexity.


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Please see Here's a sneak peek:

Getting Started

Start with the "Introduction" page in our docs in our docs. It will explain what you can do with Backpack, and let you choose a guide, depending on how you like to learn:


For the current version (recommended):

For the previous versions (not recommended):

Change Log

Please see the Releases tab.


It's heavily recommended that you subscribe to the Backpack Newsletter so you can find out about any security updates, breaking changes or major features. We send an email about 1-2 emails per year. Sometimes less.

If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker. Alternatively, please disclose the issue on to also get a small bounty ($25-40).


Backpack is open-core:

  • Backpack CRUD is licensed under the MIT License (open-source free software); it is perfect if you're building a simple admin panel - it's packed with features! It's also perfect if you're building an open-source project, the permissive license allows you to do whatever you want;
  • Backpack PRO is licensed under our EULA; it is a closed-source, paid add-on; PRO will be useful when your admin panel needs grow, because it adds A LOT of features for complex use cases (see our FREE vs PRO comparison);

Our documentation covers both CRUD and PRO, with all the PRO features clearly labeled PRO. You do not need PRO, that is just an add-on. But we're hoping you find it useful, and pay for it, to support the development of our open-core.


Our packages follow semantic versioning. Here's what major.minor.patch (eg. 6.0.1) means for us:

  • major - breaking changes, major new features, complete rewrites; released once a year, in the first quarter; it adds features that were previously impossible and upgrades our dependencies; upgrading is done by following our clear and detailed upgrade guides;
  • minor - new features, released in backwards-compatible ways; every few months; update takes seconds;
  • patch - bug fixes & small non-breaking changes; historically every week; update takes seconds;

When we release a new Backpack\CRUD version, all premium addons receive support for it the same day. When you buy a premium Backpack addon, you get access to not only updates, but also upgrades (for 12mo), that means that... any time you buy a Backpack addon, it is very likely that you're not only buying the current version (v6 at the moment), but also the upgrade to the next version (v7 for example).

Contributing Guidelines

This project stands by The Whole Fruit Manifesto. We believe that “writing good code” is not only about “writing good code”. It’s also about the words around it. That’s why, to make sure your contribution is well received, we ask you to read and keep in mind the ONE=MOR framework and guidelines when writing comment blocks, PR titles, PR descriptions, and in general, when writing to our community.

For tasks & details about how you can help our project, please see CONTRIBUTING.


Special thanks go to:

Hire us

We've spent more than 10,000 hours creating, polishing and maintaining administration panels on Laravel. We've developed e-Commerce, e-Learning, ERPs, social networks, payment gateways and much more. We've worked on admin panels so much, that we've created one of the most popular packages for Laravel - just from making public what was repetitive in our projects.

If you are looking for a developer/team to help you build an admin panel on Laravel, look no further. You'll have a difficult time finding someone with more experience & enthusiasm for admin panels. This is what we do. Contact us.