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0.8.1 05/13/2011 3a452347a396f0ad1fea7f5475fb3c349b10f527
less confusing explanation comment. thanks geemus
Fix describe_instances filtering. thanks ktheory
Add get_password_data request. thanks ktheory
Add test for Fog::Parsers::Base. thanks ktheory
handle busted ENV['HOME']. thanks pfalcone closes #301. thanks geemus
update in release task. thanks geemus
add hash to changelog. thanks geemus
work toward automating changelog. thanks geemus
0.8.0 05/12/2011 27bf76d1f881bec0f900cd11d5c2a10dce4856ca
MVP! ktheory
[aws|cloudformation] tests sleep to avoid throttling error :(
Add tests for create, describe, and delete. thanks ktheory
Fix Policies in describe_load_balancers parser. thanks ktheory
Stub out missing requests. thanks ktheory
Add configure_health_check request. thanks ktheory
Add support for creating and deleting listeners. thanks ktheory
Add requests for creating cookie policies. thanks ktheory
Add request ELB#delete_load_balancer_policy. thanks ktheory
Add request ELB#set_load_balancer_policies_of_listener. thanks ktheory
Create a model and collection for load_balancers. thanks ktheory
Create Policies collection and model. thanks ktheory
Create Listeners collection and model. thanks ktheory
Remove redundant NotFound error class. thanks ktheory
reorg model files for consistency
Added server certificate tests. thanks ktheory
Parse server certificate UploadDate. thanks ktheory
Add list_server_certificates request. thanks ktheory
fix test description for update_login_profile
Fix exception for missing DB security groups. thanks ktheory
Remove redundant NotFound class. thanks ktheory
Improve instance tests. thanks ktheory
reorg model files for consistency
change status waits for more consistent testing
fix format of Destinations in send_raw_email and correct doc. thanks jhawthorne
Make specifying Destinations for send_raw_email work and match amazon docs. thanks jhawthorne
fix indent in doc. thanks jhawthorne
correction for item and attribute counters in encode_batch_attributes. thanks joshounapoli
Fix a problem with the encoding of the tilde character. AWS needs tilde to be unescaped, or else the signature fails. CGI.escape escapes tilde; don't use it. thanks joshounapoli
Correction to the regular expression for unreserved characters. thanks joshounapoli
Test encode_batch_attributes with two attributes in one item to demonstrate an error in encode_batch_attributes. An unmocked test run will show a "400 Bad Request" response from SimpleDB. thanks joshounapoli
default to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64bit for image id
Fix server tests. thanks ktheory
Fixes trailing whitespace in attributes. thanks ktheory
Fix & improve some tests. thanks ktheory
Use default AMI in tests. thanks ktheory
Add failing tests for keypair parsing. thanks ktheory
Add different availability zones for each region to the mock. thanks smerritt
Update docs for Compute::Real#initialize to include ap-* regions. thanks smerritt
change default flavor to t1.micro (so it will be 64-bit)
use old style, more consistent call to get single instance
fix console output format in tests
Adding lb_applications, lb_services, lb_backends attributes to the model. thanks cparades
Adding in a few more tests for LB's. thanks cparades
Rolling back change. thanks cparades
Added in some data for testing. thanks cparades
Fixed typo in Bluebox test. thanks tokengeek
don't use a lb_application I don't own in tests
Updated Image identifiers to match latest available Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 LTS 64bit image. thanks tokengeek
1.9.2 compat, String#[] doesn't return nil as we expected. thanks dpiddy
Implement Stormondemand API. thanks seeingidog
fixes for tests
Prevent voxel tests running if missing credentials. thanks tokengeek
minor fixes for voxel tests
Parser does not concatenates all the strings when parsing. thanks geraud
Drop default_executable line from gemspec. thanks mattsa
Fix small logic error in Model#wait_for. thanks pvande
Make Model#reload more resilient against errors. thanks pvande
Simplify dup-ing of @attributes for models. thanks smerritt
Make Model#dup copy the attributes too. thanks smerritt
Fix typo in spec output. thanks smerritt
tighten excon dependency. Closes #250
cleanup gemspec. closes #251
Fixes error messaging when credentials missing
update parser to better handle whitespace
Add link to multipart upload and threads article. thanks gsandie
restructure toward same organization as rest of repo
simplify redirector to just point at directory instead of specifically index.html
generalize version subbing in href to catch src too
style cleanup for cdn/dns/storage
storage shouldn't be all caps
link to more prominently
fix new links to properly include version
replace getting started link
add link to learn_fog
remove confusion by linking to instead of wiki
reworking getting started guide
add requires
[dns|aws] fix error handling for getting unknown keys
auto-paginate for #each closes #268
Add #each_file method to directory model. thanks smerritt
Add documentation for #each_file method. thanks smerritt
Emit warning from Files#each. thanks smerritt
Make Files#each iterate all files, not just the first page. thanks smerritt
Fix docs to say files.each, not each_file. thanks smerritt
Issue #283: S3 get_object request doesn't really support the Range header. thanks yalon
fix format for multipart upload tests
fix format in bucket_tests
mark get_object with block test pending when mocked
0.7.2 04/05/2011
enabling region parameter for AWS cloud formation requests. thanks flessa
remove CGI escape from create_security_group. thanks coliver
replace remaining specs with shindo tests
update #keypairs reference to #key_pairs. thanks pvande
Emulate volume unavailability when mocking. thanks mtodd
Raise error on non-existent snapshot for create_volume. thanks mtodd
Add tag to resource data when creating a mock tag. thanks betamatt
Add tag filtering to mocks for snapshots, volumes, instances. thanks betamatt
Add delete_tags mock. thanks betamatt
Support tag-key, tag-value, tag:key filters. thanks betamatt
Correct name of dns-filter filter. thanks betamatt
allow key pair to write into properly chmodded files. thanks gerred
Making key pair names a little less potentially brittle. thanks gerred
fix public_ip_address accessors
updated base parser to not eagerly strip return data. thanks bdorry
don't escape ssh commands. thanks pvande
Deal with missing FOG_RC/HOME env vars better. thanks outerim
fix push parser block passed to excon > 0.6.0
move stuff into docs directory
pull in and format data from README, wiki, blog posts
head_object should use HEAD. thanks nate
Support for serving Rackspace CDN objects via SSL. thanks minter
Use URI.escape instead of CGI.escape. thanks minter
0.7.1 03/21/2011
[aws|storage] normalize headers. thanks pweldon
[mock] fix reset_data to not be called in Mock#initialize
[rackspace] add support for using servicenet. thanks minter
[storage] provide for non file/string files. thanks pweldon
0.7.0 03/14/2011
[aws] added ap-northeast-1 (tokyo) region options
[aws|cloudformation] add basic support. thanks crazed
[aws|elb] add support for configuring https
add support for server certificates. thanks bensie
add support for login profiles. thanks fcheung
support basic rds operations. thanks fcheung
add support for restoring servers and security groups. thanks ktheory
[cdn|rackspace] use post_container to update
fix tag.destroy. thanks eabbott
allow deleting all tags (instead of just specific ones)
fix revoke_security_group method signature
FLAVORS is now a constant
allow for modifying server monitoring. thanks gilles
[brightbox] thanks tokengeek
Added listener management (add/remove) requests for Load Balancers
Added new Server console activation request
Added activate_console method to Brightbox servers
Set Server#private_ip_address to be the first interface
[rackspace] 'official' workaround for awful caching
[virtualbox] rough proof of concept/initial implementation
fix behavior of slice on collections. thanks eabbott
fix reset_data to be instance method on mock connection (and work)
handle undefined ENV['HOME']
Allow string keys in credentials file [issue 179]. thanks ryanlower
[dns|dnsimple] fix misc bugs in models. thanks ijonas
use shared parse_data across providers
pass through explicit content-type
fix bug preventing file uploads to be streamed
0.6.0 02/28/2011
[aws|compute] fix method signature for security group requests. Thanks crazed
fleshing out support. Thanks bdorry and coliver
fix get_group parser to set Arn on group/member as appropriate
[bluebox|dns] added support. Thanks ggoodale
add basic scp support. Thanks crazed
consolidate ip accessors
added changelog, covering 0.5+
reset credentials when changing key or path. Thanks ctennis
[dnsimple|dns] added support. Thanks dje
[ecloud|compute] cleaned up and reworked as basis for future ecloud work
[aws|storage] add static website configuration methods
[local|storage] rewrite using nested directories (NOTE: not backwards compatible)
[rackspace|storage] disable cdn when deleting container
[voxel|compute] added support. Thanks splaspood
remove long standing deprecations
0.5.3 02/15/11
[terremark|ecloud] (thanks freeformz)
initial support for Disabled monitor types
InternetService#disable_monitor and #enable_ping_monitor
spec fixes and tests for the new monitor functions
fix logic error which prevented turning off persistent connections
fix _dump for collections/models
require json for to_json of collection/model
add some missing parens to fix warnings
0.5.2 02/11/11
[aws|compute] fix delete AWS tags to use proper method. Thanks ody
add sort for multi part upload fields. Thanks gavin
better RRS docs. Thanks bensie
Temporary redirect should not execute the block. Thanks vivienschillis
[tests] fix mock_helper load path to allow test runs in 1.9.2. Thanks aeden
[compute] disable password auth for current user, rather than always root
[aws&google|storage] properly handle custom headers in mocks
[aws&google|storage] make signature public method
[aws&google] finish fixing headers in mocks
[core] cleanup providers/services setup
[README] add contributing section, recommendations for blue shirts, move providers to, cleanup resources
implicitly add not_implemented mocks
0.5.1 01/31/11
Bug fixes.
[aws|iam] add signing certificate and list groups for user. thanks crazed
[gogrid|compute] added support for password api calls. thanks lum
[fog|time] add date header formatting that is non-localized
0.5.0 01/27/11
[aws|compute] describe reserved instances offerings
[aws|dns] Fix variable typo create_hosted_zone. Thanks mitchellh
[aws|ses] basic support. Thanks adelcambre
[aws|storage] Escape the path for signatures. Thanks croaker
[aws&google|storage] mock fixes
[local|storage] support file#content_type
[ssh] use an agent if available instead of requiring explicit keys. thanks davidx and tomstuart
[gogrid|compute] fix several issues. Thanks cardmagic
[rackspace|compute] get new auth token when one expires
[rackspace|storage] remove nil query params in requests
[terremark|ecloud] getting started on ecloud specific implementation