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Command line program for generating flag code references.

This repository provides solutions for configuring LaunchDarkly code references with various systems out-of-the-box, as well as the ability to automate code reference discovery on your own infrastructure using the provided command line interface.

Documentation quick links

Turn-key Configuration options

We provide turnkey support for common trigger mechanisms and CI / CD providers. You can also invoke the ld-find-code-refs utility from the command line, which can be run in any custom workflow you define (e.g. from a bash script, or a cron job).

System Status
GitHub Actions Supported
CircleCI Orbs Supported
Bitbucket Pipes Supported
GitLab CI Supported
Manually via CLI Supported

Execution via CLI

The command line program may be run manually, and executed in an environment of your choosing. The program requires your git repo to be cloned locally, and the currently checked out branch will be scanned for code references.

We recommend incorporating ld-find-code-refs into your CI/CD build process. ld-find-code-refs should run whenever a commit is pushed to your repository.


If you are scanning a git repository, ld-find-code-refs requires git (tested with version 2.21.0) to be installed on the system path.

All turn-key configuration methods (docker images used by services like CircleCI or Github actions) come with git preinstalled.



brew tap launchdarkly/tap
brew install ld-find-code-refs

You can now run ld-find-code-refs.


We do not yet have repositories set up for our linux packages, but we do upload deb and rpm packages with our github releases.


This shell script can be used to download and install ld-find-code-refs on Ubuntu.

wget -qO- \
	| grep "browser_download_url" \
	| grep "amd64.deb" \
	| cut -d'"' -f4 \
	| wget -qi - -O ld-find-code-refs.amd64.deb

dpkg -i ld-find-code-refs.amd64.deb


A Windows executable of ld-find-code-refs is available on the releases page.


ld-find-code-refs is available as a docker image. The image provides an entrypoint for ld-find-code-refs, to which command line arguments may be passed. If using the entrypoint, your repository to be scanned should be mounted as a volume. Otherwise, you may override the entrypoint and access ld-find-code-refs directly from the shell.

docker pull launchdarkly/ld-find-code-refs
docker run \
  -v /path/to/your/repo:/repo \
  launchdarkly/ld-find-code-refs \


Precompiled binaries for the latest release can be found here. Be sure to install the required dependencies before running ld-find-code-refs.

CLI Configuration

ld-find-code-refs provides a number of configuration options to customize how code references are generated and surfaced in your LaunchDarkly dashboard. See for details on configuration, and for detailed sample configurations.

Configuration options include, but are not limited to:

  • Ignoring files and directories
  • Searching for flag key aliases, such as keys stored in variables or evaluated in an SDK wrapper
  • Providing flag key delimiters to reduce false positives and false negatives
  • Customizing the amount of data stored and displayed by LaunchDarkly
  • Exporting code references as a CSV file

Searching for unused flags (extinctions)

After scanning has completed, ld-find-code-refs will search the Git commit history for flags that have become extinct. A flag is considered extinct in a repository if there were code references for the flag at some point in time that were removed. This behavior can be configured to disable or control how many commits will be searched for extinct flags using the lookback argument. Extinct flags will be surfaced in the LaunchDarkly UI.

Branch garbage collection

After scanning has completed, ld-find-code-refs will search for and prune code reference data for stale branches. A branch is considered stale if it has references in LaunchDarkly, but no longer exists on the Git remote. As a consequence of this behavior, any code references on local branches or branches belonging only to a remote other than the default one will be removed the next time ld-find-code-refs is run on a different branch.

Stale branches may also be removed manually with the ld-find-code-refs prune subcommand.

This operation requires your environment to be authenticated for remote access to your repository. Branch cleanup is not currently supported when running ld-find-code-refs with Bitbucket pipelines.


Build tool for automatically sending feature flag code references to LaunchDarkly





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