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# Joplin translation to Spanish (Spain)
# Copyright (C) 2017 Lucas Vieites
# Copyright (C) 2019 Andros Fenollosa
# Copyright (C) 2019 Germán Martín
# Copyright (C) 2020 Andros Fenollosa
# This file is distributed under the same license as the Joplin-CLI package.
# Lucas Vieites <>, 2017.
# Andros Fenollosa <>, 2019.
# Germán Martín <>, 2019.
# Fernando Pindado <>, 2020.
# Andros Fenollosa <>, 2020.
# Mario Campo <>, 2020
# Andros Fenollosa <>, 2021.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Joplin-CLI 1.0.0\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"Last-Translator: Francisco Villaverde <>\n"
"Language-Team: Spanish <>\n"
"Language: es_ES\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 3.2.2\n"
"X-Poedit-SourceCharset: UTF-8\n"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:657
msgid "- Camera: to allow taking a picture and attaching it to a note."
msgstr "- Cámara: Permite tomar fotografías y adjuntarlas a una nota."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:660
msgid "- Location: to allow attaching geo-location information to a note."
msgstr ""
"- Localización: Permite adjuntar información de geolocalización a una nota."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:654
msgid ""
"- Storage: to allow attaching files to notes and to enable filesystem "
msgstr ""
"- Almacenamiento: Permite adjuntar archivos a las notas y habilitar la "
"sincronización con el sistema de archivos."
#: packages/lib/services/KeymapService.ts:316
#: packages/lib/services/KeymapService.ts:322
msgid "\"%s\" is missing the required \"%s\" property."
msgstr "A «%s» le falta la propiedad requerida de «%s»."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginBox.tsx:252
msgid "(%s)"
msgstr "(%s)"
#: packages/lib/services/plugins/api/JoplinViewsDialogs.ts:71
msgid "(In plugin: %s)"
msgstr "(En plugin: %s)"
#: packages/lib/SyncTargetNone.ts:16
msgid "(None)"
msgstr "(Ninguno)"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:386 packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:387
msgid "(wysiwyg: %s)"
msgstr "(wysiwyg: %s)"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:633
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:903
msgid "&Edit"
msgstr "&Editar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:508
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:588
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:899
msgid "&File"
msgstr "&Archivo"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:750
msgid "&Go"
msgstr "&Ir"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:782
msgid "&Help"
msgstr "&Ayuda"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:768
msgid "&Note"
msgstr "&Nota"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:778
msgid "&Tools"
msgstr "&Herramientas"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:675
msgid "&View"
msgstr "&Ver"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1528
msgid "%d days"
msgstr "%d días"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:136 packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:137
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:138
msgid "%d GB"
msgstr "%d GB"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:133 packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:134
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:135
msgid "%d GB storage space"
msgstr "%d GB de almacenamiento"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1345
msgid "%d hour"
msgstr "%d hora"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1346 packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1347
msgid "%d hours"
msgstr "%d horas"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:124 packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:125
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:126
msgid "%d MB"
msgstr "%d MB"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:121 packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:122
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:123
msgid "%d MB per note or attachment"
msgstr "%d MB por nota o adjunto"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1342 packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1343
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1344
msgid "%d minutes"
msgstr "%d minutos"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-rmnote.js:27
msgid "%d notes match this pattern. Delete them?"
msgstr "%d notas coinciden con el patrón. ¿Eliminarlas?"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteListControls/NoteListControls.tsx:135
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteListControls/NoteListControls.tsx:144
#, fuzzy
msgid "%s"
msgstr "(%s)"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/utils/NoteListUtils.ts:61
msgid "%s - Copy"
msgstr "%s - Copiar"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:183
msgid "%s (%s) could not be uploaded: %s"
msgstr "%s (%s) no se ha podido subir: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/MainScreen.tsx:628
msgid "%s (%s) would like to share a notebook with you."
msgstr "A %s (%s) le gustaría compartir una libreta contigo."
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:262
msgid "%s (%s): %s"
msgstr "%s (%s): %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/checkForUpdates.ts:193
msgid "%s (pre-release)"
msgstr "%s (prelanzamiento)"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:893 packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:894
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:895
msgid "%s / %s"
msgstr "%s / %s"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:892
msgid "%s / %s / %s"
msgstr "%s / %s / %s"
#: packages/lib/versionInfo.ts:58
msgid "%s %s (%s, %s)"
msgstr "%s %s (%s, %s)"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-config.js:81
msgid "%s = %s"
msgstr "%s = %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-config.js:79
msgid "%s = %s (%s)"
msgstr "%s = %s (%s)"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:242
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:243
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:244
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:247
msgid "%s: %d"
msgstr "%s: %d"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:297
msgid "%s: %d notes"
msgstr "%s: %d notas"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:279
msgid "%s: %d/%d"
msgstr "%s: %d/%d"
#: packages/app-cli/app/cli-utils.js:156
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:217
msgid "%s: %s"
msgstr "%s: %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-tag.js:14
msgid ""
"<tag-command> can be \"add\", \"remove\", \"list\", or \"notetags\" to "
"assign or remove [tag] from [note], to list notes associated with [tag], or "
"to list tags associated with [note]. The command `tag list` can be used to "
"list all the tags (use -l for long option)."
msgstr ""
"<etiqueta-comando> puede ser «add», «remove», «list», o «notetags» para "
"asignar o eliminar [etiqueta] de [nota], o para listar las notas asociadas "
"con [etiqueta], o para listar las etiquetas asociadas con [nota]. El comando "
"`tag list` puede ser usado para listar todas las etiquetas (use -l para la "
"opción larga)."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-todo.js:14
msgid ""
"<todo-command> can either be \"toggle\" or \"clear\". Use \"toggle\" to "
"toggle the given to-do between completed and uncompleted state (If the "
"target is a regular note it will be converted to a to-do). Use \"clear\" to "
"convert the to-do back to a regular note."
msgstr ""
"<tarea-comando> puede ser «toggle» o «clear». Usa «toggle» para cambiar la "
"tarea dada entre estado completado y sin completar. (Si el objetivo es una "
"nota regular se convertirá en una tarea). Usa «clear» para convertir la "
"tarea a una nota normal."
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1371
msgid "A3"
msgstr "A3"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1369
msgid "A4"
msgstr "A4"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1372
msgid "A5"
msgstr "A5"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:514
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:823
msgid "About Joplin"
msgstr "Acerca de Joplin"
#: packages/lib/services/KeymapService.ts:322
#: packages/lib/services/KeymapService.ts:327
msgid "accelerator"
msgstr "acelerador"
#: packages/lib/services/KeymapService.ts:379
msgid "Accelerator \"%s\" is not valid."
msgstr "El acelerador «%s» no es válido."
#: packages/lib/services/KeymapService.ts:348
msgid ""
"Accelerator \"%s\" is used for \"%s\" and \"%s\" commands. This may lead to "
"unexpected behaviour."
msgstr ""
"El acelerador «%s» se usa para los comandos «%s» y «%s». Esto puede llevar a "
"un comportamiento inesperado."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/MainScreen.tsx:629
msgid "Accept"
msgstr "Aceptar"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/users.ts:138
msgid "Account"
msgstr "Cuenta"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ResourceScreen.tsx:95
msgid "Action"
msgstr "Acción"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:183
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:288
msgid "Actions"
msgstr "Acciones"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:178
msgid "Active"
msgstr "Activa"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/utils/getLabel.ts:18
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:718
msgid "Actual Size"
msgstr "Tamaño Original"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:1113
msgid "Add body"
msgstr "Añadir cuerpo"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ActionButton.tsx:59
msgid "Add new"
msgstr "Añadir nuevo"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/setTags.ts:38
msgid "Add or remove tags:"
msgstr "Agregar o eliminar etiquetas:"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareFolderDialog/ShareFolderDialog.tsx:246
msgid "Add recipient:"
msgstr "Agregar destinatario:"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:1186
msgid "Add title"
msgstr "Añadir título"
#: packages/lib/services/spellChecker/SpellCheckerService.ts:132
msgid "Add to dictionary"
msgstr "Agregar al diccionario"
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:156
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:278
msgid "Admin"
msgstr "Administrador"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/dashboard.ts:10
msgid "Admin dashboard"
msgstr "Tablero de Mandos de Administrador"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ClipperConfigScreen.tsx:148
msgid "Advanced options"
msgstr "Opciones avanzadas"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/StatusScreen/StatusScreen.tsx:175
msgid "Advanced tools"
msgstr "Herramientas avanzadas"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:98
msgid ""
"All data, including notes, notebooks and tags will be permanently deleted."
msgstr ""
"Todos los datos, incluyendo notas, libretas y etiquetas, serán borrados."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:484
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Notes.tsx:203
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:473
msgid "All notes"
msgstr "Todas las notas"
#: packages/lib/onedrive-api-node-utils.js:46
msgid "All potential ports are in use - please report the issue at %s"
msgstr ""
"Todos los puertos potenciales están en uso - por favor informe del problema "
"en %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-config.js:18
msgid "Also displays unset and hidden config variables."
msgstr "También muestra variables no configuradas u ocultas."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareNoteDialog.tsx:201
msgid "Also publish linked notes"
msgstr "También publicar notas enlazadas"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:729
msgid "Always"
msgstr "Siempre"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mv.js:36
msgid ""
"Ambiguous notebook \"%s\". Please use notebook id instead - press \"ti\" to "
"see the short notebook id or use $b for current selected notebook"
msgstr ""
"Libreta \"%s\" es ambigua. Utilice el id de la libreta - presione \"ti\" "
"para ver el id abreviado o utilice $b para la libreta seleccionada"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mkbook.ts:33
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mv.js:29
msgid ""
"Ambiguous notebook \"%s\". Please use short notebook id instead - press "
"\"ti\" to see the short notebook id"
msgstr ""
"Libreta \"%s\" es ambigua. Utilice el id abreviado - presione \"ti\" para "
"ver el id abreviado de la libreta"
#: packages/app-desktop/checkForUpdates.ts:197
msgid "An update is available, do you want to download it now?"
msgstr "Está disponible una actualización. ¿Quiere descargarla ahora?"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2478
msgid "Appearance"
msgstr "Apariencia"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2483
msgid "Application"
msgstr "Aplicación"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ButtonBar.tsx:33
msgid "Apply"
msgstr "Aplicar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ClipperConfigScreen.tsx:45
msgid "Are you sure you want to renew the authorisation token?"
msgstr "¿Está seguro de que desea renovar el token de autorización?"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/resetLayout.ts:14
msgid ""
"Are you sure you want to return to the default layout? The current layout "
"configuration will be lost."
msgstr ""
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ConfigScreen.tsx:517
msgid "Arguments:"
msgstr "Argumentos:"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:404
msgid "Aritim Dark"
msgstr "Aritim Oscuro"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:206
msgid "Attach"
msgstr "Adjuntar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:53
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/TinyMCE.tsx:604
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:864
msgid "Attach file"
msgstr "Adjuntar archivo"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:868
msgid "Attach photo"
msgstr "Adjuntar foto"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:901
msgid "Attach..."
msgstr "Adjuntar..."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-attach.js:13
msgid "Attaches the given file to the note."
msgstr "Adjuntar archivo dado a la nota."
#: packages/server/src/models/UserModel.ts:215
#: packages/server/src/models/UserModel.ts:232
msgid "attachment"
msgstr "adjunto"
#: packages/lib/models/Resource.ts:423
msgid "Attachment conflict: \"%s\""
msgstr "Conflicto de adjuntos: «%s»"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:725
msgid "Attachment download behaviour"
msgstr "Comportamiento de descarga de adjuntos"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:233
msgid "Attachments"
msgstr "Adjuntos"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:257
msgid "Attachments that could not be downloaded"
msgstr "Adjuntos que no se han podido descargar"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:390
msgid ""
"Attention: If you change this location, make sure you copy all your content "
"to it before syncing, otherwise all files will be removed! See the FAQ for "
"more details: %s"
msgstr ""
"Atención: Si cambia esta ubicación, asegúrese de copiar todo su contenido a "
"la nueva antes de sincronizar, ¡de lo contrario todos los archivos serán "
"eliminados! Consulte las preguntas frecuentes para obtener más detalles: %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-sync.ts:64
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-sync.ts:78
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/OneDriveLoginScreen.tsx:45
msgid ""
"Authentication was not completed (did not receive an authentication token)."
msgstr "Autenticación no completada (no se recibió token de autenticación)."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ClipperConfigScreen.tsx:149
msgid "Authorisation token:"
msgstr "Token de autorización:"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:731
msgid "Auto"
msgstr "Automático"
#: packages/server/src/services/TaskService.ts:28
msgid "Auto-add disabled accounts for deletion"
msgstr "Añadir automáticamente las cuentas deshabilitadas para su eliminación"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:928
msgid "Auto-pair braces, parenthesis, quotations, etc."
msgstr "Autoemparejar llaves, paréntesis, comillas, etc."
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1329
msgid "Automatically check for updates"
msgstr "Comprobar actualizaciones"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:840
msgid "Automatically switch theme to match system theme"
msgstr ""
"Cambiar automáticamente el tema para que coincida con el tema del sistema"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ButtonBar.tsx:42
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ConfigScreen.tsx:738
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteRevisionViewer.min.js:187
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteRevisionViewer.tsx:209
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:305
#: packages/lib/commands/historyBackward.ts:6
msgid "Back"
msgstr "Retroceder"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:294
msgid "Basic"
msgstr "Básico"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:33
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:132
msgid "Bold"
msgstr "Negrita"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginsStates.tsx:218
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginsStates.tsx:308
msgid "Browse all plugins"
msgstr "Explorar todos los plugins"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ConfigScreen.tsx:554
msgid "Browse..."
msgstr "Explorar..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:63
msgid "Bulleted List"
msgstr "Lista con Viñetas"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/users.ts:154
msgid "Can Share"
msgstr "Puede compartir"
#: packages/app-desktop/bridge.ts:196 packages/app-desktop/bridge.ts:217
#: packages/app-desktop/checkForUpdates.ts:199
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ConfigScreen.tsx:738
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/DialogButtonRow.tsx:78
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/ShortcutRecorder.tsx:82
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteList/NoteList.tsx:168
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/PromptDialog.tsx:274
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ResourceScreen.tsx:170
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:317
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:664
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/utils/NoteListUtils.ts:222
#: packages/app-desktop/services/plugins/UserWebviewDialogButtonBar.tsx:27
#: packages/app-mobile/components/CameraView.tsx:194
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ModalDialog.js:70
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:106
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:69
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:190
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:103
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:576
#: packages/app-mobile/components/SelectDateTimeDialog.tsx:152
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:170
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:179
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:444
#: packages/lib/shim-init-node.js:196
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Cancelar"
#: packages/app-cli/app/app.js:138
msgid "Cancelling background synchronisation... Please wait."
msgstr "Cancelando sincronización en segundo plano... Por favor espere."
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:189
msgid "Cancelling..."
msgstr "Cancelando..."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-sync.ts:251
msgid "Cancelling... Please wait."
msgstr "Cancelando... Por favor espere."
#: packages/lib/shim-init-node.js:266
msgid "Cannot access %s"
msgstr "No se ha podido acceder a %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/base-command.ts:15
msgid "Cannot change encrypted item"
msgstr "No se puede cambiar un elemento cifrado"
#: packages/lib/models/Note.ts:532
msgid "Cannot copy note to \"%s\" notebook"
msgstr "No se ha podido copiar la nota a la libreta «%s»"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-attach.js:21
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-cat.js:25 packages/app-cli/app/command-cp.js:24
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-cp.js:27
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-done.js:20
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-export.js:36
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-export.js:40
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-geoloc.js:20
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-help.js:66
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-import.js:34
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mv.js:24 packages/app-cli/app/command-mv.js:45
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-ren.js:23
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-rmbook.js:25
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-rmnote.js:25
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-search.js:27
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-set.js:32
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-tag.js:33
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-tag.js:36
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-tag.js:42
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-tag.js:43
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-tag.js:81
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-tag.js:87
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-todo.js:21
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-use.js:21
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:266
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:284
msgid "Cannot find \"%s\"."
msgstr "No se puede encontrar «%s»."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mkbook.ts:28
#, fuzzy
msgid "Cannot find: \"%s\""
msgstr "No se puede encontrar «%s»."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-sync.ts:164
msgid "Cannot initialise synchroniser."
msgstr "No se puede inicializar el sincronizador."
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:208
msgid "Cannot load \"%s\" module for format \"%s\" and output \"%s\""
msgstr ""
"No se puede cargar el módulo «%s» para el formato «%s» y el destino «%s»"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:234
msgid "Cannot load \"%s\" module for format \"%s\" and target \"%s\""
msgstr ""
"No se puede cargar el módulo «%s» para el formato «%s» y el objetivo «%s»"
#: packages/lib/models/Note.ts:544
msgid "Cannot move note to \"%s\" notebook"
msgstr "No se ha podido mover la nota a la libreta «%s»"
#: packages/lib/models/Folder.ts:706
msgid "Cannot move notebook to this location"
msgstr "No se puede mover la libreta a esta ubicación"
#: packages/lib/onedrive-api.ts:408
msgid ""
"Cannot refresh token: authentication data is missing. Starting the "
"synchronisation again may fix the problem."
msgstr ""
"No se ha podido actualizar el token: faltan datos de autenticación. "
"Reiniciar la sincronización podría solucionar el problema."
#: packages/server/src/models/UserModel.ts:214
msgid "Cannot save %s \"%s\" because it is larger than the allowed limit (%s)"
msgstr ""
"No se puede guardar %s \"%s\" porque es más pesado que el límite permitido "
#: packages/server/src/models/UserModel.ts:231
msgid ""
"Cannot save %s \"%s\" because it would go over the total allowed size (%s) "
"for this account"
msgstr ""
"No se puede guardar %s \"%s\" porque es más pesado que el límite permitido "
#: packages/lib/services/share/ShareService.ts:318
msgid ""
"Cannot share encrypted notebook with recipient %s because they have not "
"enabled end-to-end encryption. They may do so from the screen Configuration "
"> Encryption."
msgstr ""
"No se puede compartir la libreta cifrada con el destinatario %s porque este "
"no ha habilitado el cifrado de extremo a extremo. Puede hacerlo desde la "
"pantalla Configuración > Cifrado."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/SearchPanel.tsx:328
msgid "Case sensitive"
msgstr "Distingue mayúsculas"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/toggleLayoutMoveMode.ts:7
msgid "Change application layout"
msgstr "Cambiar el diseño de la aplicación"
#: packages/lib/services/spellChecker/SpellCheckerService.ts:205
msgid "Change language"
msgstr "Cambiar idioma"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteContentPropertiesDialog.tsx:101
msgid "Characters"
msgstr "Caracteres"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteContentPropertiesDialog.tsx:102
msgid "Characters excluding spaces"
msgstr "Caracteres excluyendo espacios"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:531
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:798
msgid "Check for updates..."
msgstr "Comprobar actualizaciones..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ConfigScreen.tsx:194
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:435
msgid "Check synchronisation configuration"
msgstr "Comprobar configuración de la sincronización"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:68
msgid "Checkbox"
msgstr "Casilla"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/plugins/lists.js:2149
msgid "Checkbox list"
msgstr "Casillas"
#: packages/lib/components/shared/config-shared.js:67
msgid "Checking... Please wait."
msgstr "Comprobando... Por favor espere."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:871
msgid "Choose an option"
msgstr "Seleccione una opción"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ExtensionBadge.min.js:17
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ExtensionBadge.tsx:70
msgid "Chrome Web Store"
msgstr "Chrome Web Store"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EditFolderDialog/Dialog.tsx:146
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/PromptDialog.tsx:281
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Borrar"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/SelectDateTimeDialog.tsx:149
msgid "Clear alarm"
msgstr "Quitar alarma"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteRevisionViewer.min.js:178
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteRevisionViewer.tsx:204
msgid ""
"Click \"%s\" to restore the note. It will be copied in the notebook named "
"\"%s\". The current version of the note will not be replaced or modified."
msgstr ""
"Haga clic en «%s» para restaurar la nota. Será copiada en la libreta «%s». "
"La versión actual de la nota no se reemplazará ni se modificará."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteEditor.tsx:387
msgid "Click to add tags..."
msgstr "Haga clic aquí para agregar etiquetas..."
#: packages/lib/versionInfo.ts:60
msgid "Client ID: %s"
msgstr "ID del Cliente: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteContentPropertiesDialog.tsx:171
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareFolderDialog/ShareFolderDialog.tsx:350
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareNoteDialog.tsx:219
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/SyncWizard/Dialog.tsx:336
#: packages/app-desktop/services/plugins/UserWebviewDialogButtonBar.tsx:30
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:218
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/ToolbarOverflowRows.tsx:91
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/SearchPanel.tsx:198
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:142
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Cerrar"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/Dropdown.tsx:166
msgid "Close dropdown"
msgstr "Cerrar menú"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/utils/getLabel.ts:24
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:596
msgid "Close Window"
msgstr "Cerrar Ventana"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:48
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:152
msgid "Code"
msgstr "Código"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/TinyMCE.tsx:614
msgid "Code Block"
msgstr "Bloque de Código"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/TinyMCE.tsx:1205
msgid "Code View"
msgstr "Código"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/SyncWizard/Dialog.tsx:179
msgid "Collaborate on notebooks with others"
msgstr "Colaborar en los cuadernos con otros"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:347
msgid "Collapse"
msgstr "Colapsar"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:305
msgid "Coming alarms"
msgstr "Alarmas próximas"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1441
msgid ""
"Comma-separated list of paths to directories to load the certificates from, "
"or path to individual cert files. For example: /my/cert_dir, /other/custom."
"pem. Note that if you make changes to the TLS settings, you must save your "
"changes before clicking on \"Check synchronisation configuration\"."
msgstr ""
"Lista de rutas de directorios separados por comas de dónde cargar los "
"certificados, o ruta a certificados individuales. Por ejemplo: /mi/"
"cert_dir, /otro/personalizado.pem. Tenga en cuenta que si realiza cambios en "
"la configuración de los certificados TLS, debe guardar los cambios antes de "
"hacer clic en «Comprobar la configuración de sincronización»."
#: packages/lib/services/KeymapService.ts:316
msgid "command"
msgstr "comando"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/KeymapConfigScreen.tsx:177
msgid "Command"
msgstr "Comando"
#: packages/app-desktop/plugins/GotoAnything.tsx:624
msgid "Command palette"
msgstr "Paleta de comandos"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/commandPalette.ts:7
msgid "Command palette..."
msgstr "Paleta de comandos..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.min.js:31
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.tsx:51
msgid "Completed"
msgstr "Completada"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:79
msgid "Completed decryption."
msgstr "Descifrado completado."
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:190
msgid "Completed: %s (%s)"
msgstr "Completado: %s (%s)"
#: packages/server/src/services/TaskService.ts:26
msgid "Compress old changes"
msgstr "Comprimir cambios antiguos"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:128
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:729
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:422
msgid "Configuration"
msgstr "Configuración"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:137
msgid "Confirm password cannot be empty"
msgstr "La contraseña de confirmación no puede estar vacía"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:94
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:168
msgid "Confirm password:"
msgstr "Confirmar contraseña:"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Root.tsx:153
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:60
msgid "Confirmation"
msgstr "Confirmación"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:284
msgid "Conflicted: %d"
msgstr "Conflictos: %d"
#: packages/lib/models/Folder.ts:112
msgid "Conflicts"
msgstr "Conflictos"
#: packages/lib/models/Resource.ts:407
msgid "Conflicts (attachments)"
msgstr "Conflictos (adjuntos)"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:171
msgid "Consolidated billing"
msgstr "Facturación consolidada"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/SearchPlugins.tsx:110
msgid "Content provided by %s"
msgstr "Contenido provisto por %s"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:64
msgid "Continue"
msgstr "Continuar"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:930
msgid "Convert to note"
msgstr "Convertir en nota"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:930
msgid "Convert to todo"
msgstr "Convertir a tarea"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:495
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:13
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/CodeMirror/CodeMirror.tsx:814
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/utils/contextMenu.ts:160
msgid "Copy"
msgstr "Copiar"
#: packages/app-desktop/commands/copyDevCommand.ts:8
msgid "Copy dev mode command to clipboard"
msgstr "Copiar comando del modo de desarrollador al portapapeles"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:390
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:404
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/utils/NoteListUtils.ts:139
msgid "Copy external link"
msgstr "Copiar enlace externo"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/utils/contextMenu.ts:143
msgid "Copy image"
msgstr "Copiar imagen"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/utils/contextMenu.ts:188
msgid "Copy Link Address"
msgstr "Copiar Enlace"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/utils/NoteListUtils.ts:124
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:937
msgid "Copy Markdown link"
msgstr "Copiar el enlace de Markdown"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/utils/contextMenu.ts:128
msgid "Copy path to clipboard"
msgstr "Copiar la ruta al portapapeles"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareNoteDialog.tsx:212
msgid "Copy Shareable Link"
msgid_plural "Copy Shareable Links"
msgstr[0] "Copiar Enlace Compartible"
msgstr[1] "Copiar Enlaces Compartible"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ClipperConfigScreen.tsx:153
msgid "Copy token"
msgstr "Copiar token"
#: packages/lib/components/shared/dropbox-login-shared.js:43
msgid ""
"Could not authorise application:\n"
"Please try again."
msgstr ""
"No se pudo autorizar la aplicación:\n"
"Por favor, vuelva a intentarlo."
#: packages/lib/JoplinServerApi.ts:92
msgid ""
"Could not connect to Joplin Server. Please check the Synchronisation options "
"in the config screen. Full error was:\n"
msgstr ""
"No se pudo conectar al servidor Joplin. Compruebe las opciones de "
"sincronización en la pantalla de configuración. El error completo fue:\n"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginsStates.tsx:308
msgid "Could not connect to plugin repository."
msgstr "No se ha podido conectar con el repositorio de plugins."
#: packages/app-desktop/InteropServiceHelper.ts:198
msgid "Could not export notes: %s"
msgstr "No se pudo exportar las notas: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/useOnInstallHandler.ts:59
msgid "Could not install plugin: %s"
msgstr "No se pudo instalar el plugin: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/services/share/invitationRespond.ts:20
msgid ""
"Could not respond to the invitation. Please try again, or check with the "
"notebook owner if they are still sharing it.\n"
"The error was: \"%s\""
msgstr ""
"No se ha podido responder a la invitación. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo, o "
"compruebe con el propietario de la libreta si todavía la está compartiendo.\n"
"El error fue: \"%s\""
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:55
msgid "Could not switch profile: %s"
msgstr "No se pudo cambiar el perfil: %s"
#: packages/lib/components/EncryptionConfigScreen/utils.ts:219
msgid "Could not upgrade master key: %s"
msgstr "No se pudo actualizar la clave maestra: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/leaveSharedFolder.ts:26
msgid ""
"Could not verify the share status of this notebook - aborting. Please try "
"again when you are connected to the internet."
msgstr ""
"No se ha podido verificar el estado de compartición de esta libreta - "
"abortando. Por favor, inténtelo de nuevo cuando esté conectado a Internet."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/biometrics/BiometricPopup.tsx:29
msgid "Could not verify your identify"
msgstr "No se pudo verificar su identidad"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/PromptDialog.tsx:260
msgid "Create"
msgstr "Crear"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mkbook.ts:19
#, fuzzy
msgid "Create a new notebook under a parent notebook."
msgstr "Crea una nueva libreta."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/note-list.js:101
msgid "Create a notebook"
msgstr "Crea una libreta"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/addProfile.ts:9
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileEditor.tsx:87
msgid "Create new profile..."
msgstr "Crear nuevo perfil..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EditFolderDialog/Dialog.tsx:162
msgid "Create notebook"
msgstr "Crea libreta"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/users.ts:250
msgid "Create user"
msgstr "Crear usuario"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.min.js:29
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.tsx:49
msgid "Created"
msgstr "Creada"
#: packages/lib/models/Note.ts:37
msgid "created date"
msgstr "fecha de creación"
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:182
msgid "Created local items: %d."
msgstr "Elementos locales creados: %d."
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:244
msgid "Created locally"
msgstr "Creado(s) localmente"
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:184
msgid "Created remote items: %d."
msgstr "Elementos remotos creados: %d."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:152
msgid "Created: "
msgstr "Creado: "
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-import.js:48
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ImportScreen.min.js:69
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ImportScreen.tsx:89
msgid "Created: %d."
msgstr "Creado: %d."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:118
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:835
msgid "Created: %s"
msgstr "Creado: %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mknote.js:12
msgid "Creates a new note."
msgstr "Crea una nueva nota."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mkbook.ts:14
msgid "Creates a new notebook."
msgstr "Crea una nueva libreta."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mktodo.js:12
msgid "Creates a new to-do."
msgstr "Crea una nueva tarea."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteTitle/NoteTitleBar.tsx:110
msgid "Creating new %s..."
msgstr "Creando nuevo %s..."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:615
msgid "Creating report..."
msgstr "Creando reporte..."
#: packages/app-desktop/checkForUpdates.ts:180
msgid "Current version is up-to-date."
msgstr "La versión actual está actualizada."
#: packages/lib/models/Note.ts:38
msgid "custom order"
msgstr "orden personalizado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteList/NoteList.tsx:167
msgid "Custom order"
msgstr "Orden personalizado"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1298
msgid "Custom stylesheet for Joplin-wide app styles"
msgstr "Hoja de estilos para personalizar todo Joplin"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1281
msgid "Custom stylesheet for rendered Markdown"
msgstr "Hoja de estilos para personalizar el Markdown renderizado"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1440
msgid "Custom TLS certificates"
msgstr "Certificados TLS personalizados"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:18
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/CodeMirror/CodeMirror.tsx:804
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/utils/contextMenu.ts:152
msgid "Cut"
msgstr "Cortar"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:399
msgid "Dark"
msgstr "Oscuro"
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:111
msgid "Dashboard"
msgstr "Tablero de Mandos"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:717
msgid "Database v%s"
msgstr "Base de datos v%s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:180
msgid "Date"
msgstr "Fecha"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:782
msgid "Date format"
msgstr "Formato de fecha"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1528
msgid "days"
msgstr "días"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:109
msgid "Decrease indent level"
msgstr "Reducir un nivel de sangría"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:64
msgid "Decrypted items: %d"
msgstr "Elementos descifrados: %d"
#: packages/lib/components/EncryptionConfigScreen/utils.ts:45
msgid "Decrypted items: %s / %s"
msgstr "Elementos descifrados: %s / %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:738
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:431
msgid "Decrypting items: %d/%d"
msgstr "Descifrando elementos: %d/%d"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1223 packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1230
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1406
msgid "Default"
msgstr "Por defecto"
#: packages/app-cli/app/help-utils.js:71
msgid "Default: %s"
msgstr "Por defecto: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginBox.tsx:185
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ResourceScreen.tsx:111
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ResourceScreen.tsx:170
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:291
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/utils/NoteListUtils.ts:192
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/utils/NoteListUtils.ts:222
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:137
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:418
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:485
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:950
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:160
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Borrar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ResourceScreen.tsx:169
msgid "Delete attachment \"%s\"?"
msgstr "¿Borrar adjunto «%s»?"
#: packages/server/src/services/TaskService.ts:25
msgid "Delete expired sessions"
msgstr "Borrar sesiones expiradas"
#: packages/server/src/services/TaskService.ts:20
msgid "Delete expired tokens"
msgstr "Borrar tokens expirados"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:88
msgid "Delete line"
msgstr "Borrar línea"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1322
msgid "Delete local data and re-download from sync target"
msgstr ""
"Eliminar datos locales y volver a descargarlos desde el objetivo de "
#: packages/lib/models/Note.ts:771
msgid "Delete note \"%s\"?"
msgstr "¿Borrar nota «%s»?"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-rmnote.js:27
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:526
msgid "Delete note?"
msgstr "¿Borrar nota?"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:290
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:162
msgid ""
"Delete notebook \"%s\"?\n"
"All notes and sub-notebooks within this notebook will also be deleted."
msgstr ""
"¿Borrar libreta «%s»?\n"
"Todas las notas y sublibretas de esta libreta serán borradas."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-rmbook.js:26
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Notes.tsx:154
msgid ""
"Delete notebook? All notes and sub-notebooks within this notebook will also "
"be deleted."
msgstr ""
"¿Borrar libreta? Todas las notas y sublibretas dentro de esta libreta "
"también serán eliminadas."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginsStates.tsx:162
msgid "Delete plugin \"%s\"?"
msgstr "¿Borrar plugin «%s»?"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:101
msgid "Delete profile \"%s\""
msgstr "¿Borrar perfil \"%s\"?"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:420
msgid "Delete selected notes"
msgstr "Borrar notas seleccionadas"
#: packages/lib/models/Note.ts:773
msgid "Delete these %d notes?"
msgstr "¿Borrar estas %d notas?"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareFolderDialog/ShareFolderDialog.tsx:222
msgid ""
"Delete this invitation? The recipient will no longer have access to this "
"shared notebook."
msgstr ""
"¿Eliminar esta invitación? El destinatario ya no tendrá acceso a esta "
"libreta compartida."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:97
msgid "Delete this profile?"
msgstr "¿Borrar este perfil?"
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:186
msgid "Deleted local items: %d."
msgstr "Elementos locales borrados: %d."
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:187
msgid "Deleted remote items: %d."
msgstr "Elementos remotos borrados: %d."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-rmbook.js:13
msgid "Deletes the given notebook."
msgstr "Elimina la libreta dada."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-rmbook.js:17
msgid "Deletes the notebook without asking for confirmation."
msgstr "Elimina una libreta sin pedir confirmación."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-rmnote.js:13
msgid "Deletes the notes matching <note-pattern>."
msgstr "Elimina las notas que coincidan con <nota-patrón>."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-rmnote.js:17
msgid "Deletes the notes without asking for confirmation."
msgstr "Elimina las notas sin pedir confirmación."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-export.js:23
msgid "Destination format: %s"
msgstr "Formato de destino: %s"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/types.ts:126
msgid "Directory"
msgstr "Directorio"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:480
msgid "Directory to synchronise with (absolute path)"
msgstr "Directorio con el que sincronizarse (ruta completa)"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:156
msgid "Disable"
msgstr "Deshabilitado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:237
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:281
msgid "Disable encryption"
msgstr "Deshabilitar cifrado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/MainScreen.tsx:596
msgid "Disable safe mode and restart"
msgstr "Desactivar el modo seguro y reiniciar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ClipperConfigScreen.tsx:102
msgid "Disable Web Clipper Service"
msgstr "Deshabilitar el Servicio de Web Clipper"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:127
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:249
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/KeymapConfigScreen.tsx:138
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:303
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1341
msgid "Disabled"
msgstr "Deshabilitado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:211
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:240
msgid ""
"Disabling encryption means *all* your notes and attachments are going to be "
"re-synchronised and sent unencrypted to the sync target. Do you wish to "
msgstr ""
"Deshabilitar el cifrado significa que *todas* sus notas y adjuntos van a ser "
"resincronizados y enviados descifrados al objetivo de sincronización. ¿Desea "
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:350
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:103
msgid "Discard changes"
msgstr "Descartar cambios"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteEditor.tsx:455
msgid "Dismiss"
msgstr "Descartar"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-geoloc.js:13
msgid "Displays a geolocation URL for the note."
msgstr "Muestra la URL de geolocalización de la nota."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-ls.js:27
msgid "Displays only the first top <num> notes."
msgstr "Muestra solo las primeras <num> notas."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-ls.js:30
msgid ""
"Displays only the items of the specific type(s). Can be `n` for notes, `t` "
"for to-dos, or `nt` for notes and to-dos (eg. `-tt` would display only the "
"to-dos, while `-tnt` would display notes and to-dos."
msgstr ""
"Muestra únicamente los elementos de los tipos especificados. Puede ser `n` "
"para notas; `t`, para tareas; o `nt`, para notas y tareas (ej. `-tt` "
"mostrará únicamente las tareas, mientras que `-tnt` mostrará notas y tareas)."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-status.js:13
msgid "Displays summary about the notes and notebooks."
msgstr "Muestra un resumen acerca de las notas y las libretas."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-cat.js:18
msgid "Displays the complete information about note."
msgstr "Mostrar la información completa acerca de la nota."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-cat.js:14
msgid "Displays the given note."
msgstr "Muestra la nota dada."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-ls.js:18
msgid ""
"Displays the notes in the current notebook. Use `ls /` to display the list "
"of notebooks."
msgstr ""
"Muestra las notas en la libreta actual. Use `ls /` para mostrar la lista de "
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-help.js:13
msgid "Displays usage information."
msgstr "Muestra información de uso."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-version.js:11
msgid "Displays version information"
msgstr "Muestra información de la versión"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ConfigScreen.tsx:653
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteList/NoteList.tsx:168
msgid "Do it now"
msgstr "Hacerlo ahora"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-import.js:26
msgid "Do not ask for confirmation."
msgstr "No pedir confirmación."
#: packages/lib/components/EncryptionConfigScreen/utils.ts:55
msgid ""
"Do not lose the password as, for security purposes, this will be the *only* "
"way to decrypt the data! To enable encryption, please enter your password "
msgstr ""
"No pierda la contraseña, pues, por cuestiones de seguridad, ¡es la *única* "
"forma de descifrar los datos! Para habilitar el cifrado, por favor "
"introduzca su contraseña a continuación."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/EditLinkDialog.tsx:149
msgid "Done"
msgstr "Listo"
#: packages/app-desktop/checkForUpdates.ts:199
msgid "Download"
msgstr "Descargar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ClipperConfigScreen.tsx:140
msgid "Download and install the relevant extension for your browser:"
msgstr "Descargue e instale la extensión apropiada para su navegador:"
#: packages/lib/models/Resource.ts:355
msgid "Downloaded"
msgstr "Descargado"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:242
msgid "Downloaded and decrypted"
msgstr "Descargado y descifrado"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:243
msgid "Downloaded and encrypted"
msgstr "Descargado y cifrado"
#: packages/lib/models/Resource.ts:354
msgid "Downloading"
msgstr "Descargando"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-sync.ts:218
msgid "Downloading resources..."
msgstr "Descargando recursos..."
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:400
msgid "Dracula"
msgstr "Drácula"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/TinyMCE.tsx:1205
msgid "Drop notes or files here"
msgstr "Suelta notas o archivos aquí"
#: packages/lib/SyncTargetDropbox.js:25
msgid "Dropbox"
msgstr "Dropbox"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Root.tsx:224
msgid "Dropbox Login"
msgstr "Inicio de sesión de Dropbox"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/utils/NoteListUtils.ts:56
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:436
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:491
msgid "Duplicate"
msgstr "Duplicar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:92
msgid "Duplicate line"
msgstr "Duplicar línea"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:438
msgid "Duplicate selected notes"
msgstr "Duplicar notas seleccionadas"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-cp.js:13
msgid ""
"Duplicates the notes matching <note> to [notebook]. If no notebook is "
"specified the note is duplicated in the current notebook."
msgstr ""
"Duplica las notas que coincidan con <nota> a [libreta]. Si no se especifica "
"una libreta la nota se duplica en la libreta actual."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/openFolderDialog.ts:12
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/utils/openEditDialog.ts:84
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:132
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:1148
msgid "Edit"
msgstr "Editar"
#: packages/app-desktop/commands/startExternalEditing.ts:10
msgid "Edit in external editor"
msgstr "Editar con un editor externo"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/EditLinkDialog.tsx:141
msgid "Edit link"
msgstr "Editar enlace"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-edit.js:17
msgid "Edit note."
msgstr "Editar nota."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EditFolderDialog/Dialog.tsx:162
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/folder.js:90
msgid "Edit notebook"
msgstr "Editar libreta"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileEditor.tsx:87
msgid "Edit profile"
msgstr "Editar perfil"
#: packages/app-desktop/commands/editProfileConfig.ts:9
msgid "Edit profile configuration..."
msgstr "Editar configuración de perfil..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteContentPropertiesDialog.tsx:139
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:892 packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:893
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:894
msgid "Editor"
msgstr "Editor"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1216
msgid "Editor font"
msgstr "Fuente del editor"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1242
msgid "Editor font family"
msgstr "Familia de fuente del editor"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1204
msgid "Editor font size"
msgstr "Tamaño de fuente del editor"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1261
msgid "Editor maximum width"
msgstr "Ancho máximo del editor"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1254
msgid "Editor monospace font family"
msgstr "Familia de fuente monoespaciada del editor"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:100
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:96
msgid "Editor: %s"
msgstr "Editor: %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-ls.js:31
msgid "Either \"text\" or \"json\""
msgstr "Puede ser «text» o «json»"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1407
msgid "Emacs"
msgstr "Emacs"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/SyncWizard/Dialog.tsx:236
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/emails.ts:127
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/users.ts:134
msgid "Email"
msgstr "Email"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/emails.ts:111
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:127
msgid "Emails"
msgstr "Emails"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/CodeMirror/CodeMirror.tsx:197
msgid "emphasised text"
msgstr "texto en cursiva"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:156
#: packages/app-mobile/components/biometrics/BiometricPopup.tsx:65
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:182
msgid "Enable"
msgstr "Habilitar"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1145
msgid "Enable ^sup^ syntax"
msgstr "Activar sintaxis ^sup^"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1149
msgid "Enable ++insert++ syntax"
msgstr "Activar sintaxis ++insert++"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1141
msgid "Enable ==mark== syntax"
msgstr "Activar sintaxis ==mark=="
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1144
msgid "Enable ~sub~ syntax"
msgstr "Activar sintaxis ~sub~"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1147
msgid "Enable abbreviation syntax"
msgstr "Activar sintaxis de abreviaturas"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1138
msgid "Enable audio player"
msgstr "Activar reproductor de audio"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/biometrics/BiometricPopup.tsx:61
msgid "Enable biometrics authentication?"
msgstr "¿Activar autenticación biométrica?"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1146
msgid "Enable deflist syntax"
msgstr "Activar sintaxis Deflist"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:237
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:281
msgid "Enable encryption"
msgstr "Habilitar cifrado"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1142
msgid "Enable footnotes"
msgstr "Activar notas al pie"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1135
msgid "Enable Fountain syntax support"
msgstr "Activar el soporte de sintaxis de Fountain"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1132
msgid "Enable Linkify"
msgstr "Activar Linkify"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1148
msgid "Enable markdown emoji"
msgstr "Activar sintaxis de emojis markdown"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1134
msgid "Enable math expressions"
msgstr "Activar expresiones matemáticas"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1136
msgid "Enable Mermaid diagrams support"
msgstr "Activar el soporte de diagramas de Mermaid"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1150
msgid "Enable multimarkdown table extension"
msgstr "Activar extensión de tablas multimarkdown"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1518
msgid "Enable note history"
msgstr "Habilitar historial de notas"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1140
msgid "Enable PDF viewer"
msgstr "Activar visor de PDF"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1130
msgid "Enable soft breaks"
msgstr "Activar saltos de línea"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1048
msgid "Enable spellcheck in the text editor"
msgstr ""
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1143
msgid "Enable table of contents extension"
msgstr "Activar extensión de tabla de contenidos"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1131
msgid "Enable typographer support"
msgstr "Activar el soporte de tipógrafo"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1139
msgid "Enable video player"
msgstr "Activar reproductor de video"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ClipperConfigScreen.tsx:113
msgid "Enable Web Clipper Service"
msgstr "Habilitar el servicio de Web Clipper"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:127
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:249
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:303
msgid "Enabled"
msgstr "Habilitado"
#: packages/lib/components/EncryptionConfigScreen/utils.ts:50
msgid ""
"Enabling encryption means *all* your notes and attachments are going to be "
"re-synchronised and sent encrypted to the sync target."
msgstr ""
"Habilitar el cifrado significa que *todas* sus notas y adjuntos van a ser "
"resincronizados y enviados cifrados al objetivo de sincronización."
#: packages/lib/models/BaseItem.ts:808
msgid "Encrypted"
msgstr "Cifrado"
#: packages/lib/models/BaseItem.ts:868
msgid "Encrypted items cannot be modified"
msgstr "Los elementos cifrados no pueden ser modificados"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:146
msgid "Encrypted notebooks cannot be renamed"
msgstr "Las libretas cifradas no pueden ser renombradas"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2485
msgid "Encryption"
msgstr "Cifrado"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:444
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:287
msgid "Encryption Config"
msgstr "Configuración del Cifrado"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:127
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:303
msgid "Encryption is: %s"
msgstr "El cifrado está: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:172
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:271
msgid "Encryption keys"
msgstr "Claves de cifrado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:249
msgid "Encryption:"
msgstr "Cifrado:"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:247
msgid "End-to-end encryption"
msgstr "Cifrado de Extremo a Extremo"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/dropbox-login.js:66
msgid "Enter code here"
msgstr "Introduzca el código aquí"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:38
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:84
msgid "Enter master password:"
msgstr "Introduzca la contraseña maestra:"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/folder.js:93
msgid "Enter notebook title"
msgstr "Introduzca el título de la libreta"
#: packages/app-cli/app/help-utils.js:56
msgid "Enum"
msgstr "Enumeración"
#: packages/lib/models/Resource.ts:356
msgid "Error"
msgstr "Error"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-edit.js:82
#: packages/app-desktop/commands/startExternalEditing.ts:23
msgid "Error opening note in editor: %s"
msgstr "Error al abrir la nota en el editor: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/KeymapConfigScreen.tsx:65
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/leaveSharedFolder.ts:31
#: packages/lib/services/KeymapService.ts:205
msgid "Error: %s"
msgstr "Error: %s"
#: packages/lib/components/shared/config-shared.js:71
msgid ""
"Error. Please check that URL, username, password, etc. are correct and that "
"the sync target is accessible. The reported error was:"
msgstr ""
"Error. Por favor compruebe que la URL, nombre de usuario, contraseña, etc. "
"son correctos y que el objetivo de sincronización este accesible. El error "
"reportado fue:"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/log.js:117
msgid "Errors only"
msgstr "Solo errores"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:88
msgid "Evernote Export File (as HTML)"
msgstr "Exportar como Archivo de Ever(como HTML)"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:79
msgid "Evernote Export File (as Markdown)"
msgstr "Exportar como Archivo de Ever(como Markdown)"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-exit.js:11
msgid "Exits the application."
msgstr "Sale de la aplicación."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:347
msgid "Expand"
msgstr "Expandir"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/KeymapConfigScreen.tsx:171
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:374
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/utils/NoteListUtils.ts:185
msgid "Export"
msgstr "Exportar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:550
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:606
msgid "Export all"
msgstr "Exportar todo"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/StatusScreen/StatusScreen.tsx:178
msgid "Export debug report"
msgstr "Exportar Informe de depuración"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:615
msgid "Export Debug Report"
msgstr "Exportar Informe de Depuración"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:620
msgid "Export profile"
msgstr "Exportar perfil"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:620
msgid "Exporting profile..."
msgstr "Exportando perfil..."
#: packages/app-desktop/InteropServiceHelper.ts:177
msgid "Exporting to \"%s\" as \"%s\" format. Please wait..."
msgstr "Exportando a «%s» como formato «%s». Por favor espere..."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-export.js:13
msgid ""
"Exports Joplin data to the given path. By default, it will export the "
"complete database including notebooks, notes, tags and resources."
msgstr ""
"Exporta los datos de Joplin a la ruta dada. Por defecto, se exportará la "
"base de datos completa incluyendo libretas, notas, etiquetas y recursos."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-export.js:23
msgid "Exports only the given note."
msgstr "Exporta únicamente la nota dada."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-export.js:23
msgid "Exports only the given notebook."
msgstr "Exporta únicamente la libreta dada."
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1504
msgid "Fail-safe"
msgstr "A prueba de fallos"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1505
msgid ""
"Fail-safe: Do not wipe out local data when sync target is empty (often the "
"result of a misconfiguration or bug)"
msgstr ""
"A prueba de fallos: No borre los datos locales cuando el objetivo de "
"sincronización esté vacío (a menudo como resultado de una configuración "
"errónea o de una falla)."
#: packages/app-cli/app/main.js:95
msgid "Fatal error:"
msgstr "Error fatal:"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:637
msgid "Feature flags"
msgstr "Feature flags"
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:188
msgid "Fetched items: %d/%d."
msgstr "Elementos obtenidos: %d/%d."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:743
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:436
msgid "Fetching resources: %d/%d"
msgstr "Obteniendo recursos: %d/%d"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/types.ts:126
msgid "File"
msgstr "Archivo"
#: packages/lib/SyncTargetFilesystem.js:18
msgid "File system"
msgstr "Sistema de archivos"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/NoteTagsDialog.js:193
msgid "Filter tags"
msgstr "Filtrar etiquetas"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:218
msgid "Find and replace"
msgstr "Buscar y reemplazar"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/SearchPanel.tsx:250
msgid "Find: "
msgstr "Buscar: "
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ExtensionBadge.min.js:10
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ExtensionBadge.tsx:63
msgid "Firefox Extension"
msgstr "Extensión de Firefox"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:617
msgid "Fix search index"
msgstr "Reparar índice de búsqueda"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:617
msgid "Fixing search index..."
msgstr "Reparando índice de búsqueda..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:756
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/commands/focusElementNoteBody.ts:7
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/commands/focusElementNoteTitle.ts:7
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteList/commands/focusElementNoteList.ts:9
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/commands/focusElementSideBar.ts:9
msgid "Focus"
msgstr "Enfocar"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1079 packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1096
msgid "Focus body"
msgstr "Enfocar cuerpo"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1078 packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1095
msgid "Focus title"
msgstr "Enfocar título"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:289
msgid "Folders"
msgstr "Carpetas"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:620
msgid "For debugging purpose only: export your profile to an external SD card."
msgstr ""
"Solo para fines de depuración: exporte su perfil a una tarjeta SD externa."
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1484
msgid "For example \"%s\""
msgstr "Por ejemplo \"%s\""
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-help.js:36
msgid "For information on how to customise the shortcuts please visit %s"
msgstr "Para información de cómo personalizar los atajos, por favor visite %s"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:291
msgid ""
"For more information about End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) and advice on how to "
"enable it please check the documentation:"
msgstr ""
"Para más información acerca del Cifrado de Extremo a Extremo (E2EE) y "
"recomendaciones acerca de como habilitarlo por favor revise la documentación:"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-help.js:84
msgid ""
"For the list of keyboard shortcuts and config options, type `help keymap`"
msgstr ""
"Para la lista de los atajos de teclado disponibles, escriba `help keymap`"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:632
msgid "Force path style"
msgstr "Forzar estilo de ruta"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:276
msgid "Formatting"
msgstr "Formatear"
#: packages/lib/commands/historyForward.ts:6
msgid "Forward"
msgstr "Avanzar"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-import.js:47
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ImportScreen.min.js:68
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ImportScreen.tsx:88
msgid "Found: %d."
msgstr "Encontrado: %d."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:723
msgid "FTS enabled: %d"
msgstr "FTS activado: %d"
#: packages/app-desktop/checkForUpdates.ts:199
msgid "Full changelog"
msgstr "Registro de cambios completo"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/users.ts:130
msgid "Full name"
msgstr "Nombre completo"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2476
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:108
msgid "General"
msgstr "General"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:252
msgid "Generated"
msgstr "Generado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareNoteDialog.tsx:182
msgid "Generating link..."
msgid_plural "Generating links..."
msgstr[0] "Creando enlace..."
msgstr[1] "Creando enlaces..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ExtensionBadge.min.js:44
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ExtensionBadge.tsx:91
msgid "Get it now:"
msgstr "Obtenla ahora en:"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1330
msgid "Get pre-releases when checking for updates"
msgstr "Obtenga prelanzamientos cuando busque actualizaciones"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-config.js:13
msgid ""
"Gets or sets a config value. If [value] is not provided, it will show the "
"value of [name]. If neither [name] nor [value] is provided, it will list the "
"current configuration."
msgstr ""
"Obtiene o configura un valor. Si no se provee el [valor], se mostrará el "
"valor de [nombre]. Si no se provee [nombre] ni [valor], se listará la "
"configuración actual."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:847
msgid "Go to source URL"
msgstr "Ir a URL de origen"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/gotoAnything.ts:13
#: packages/app-desktop/plugins/GotoAnything.tsx:616
msgid "Goto Anything..."
msgstr "Ir a..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Root.tsx:178
msgid "Grant authorisation"
msgstr "Conceder la autorización"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:48
msgid "Header %d"
msgstr "Encabezado %d"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:280
msgid "Headers"
msgstr "Encabezados"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:73
msgid "Heading"
msgstr "Título"
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:276
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Ayuda"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:567
msgid "Hide %s"
msgstr "Ocultar %s"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/SearchPanel.tsx:218
msgid "Hide advanced"
msgstr "Ocultar avanzadas"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/users.ts:200
msgid "Hide disabled"
msgstr "Ocultar desactivadas"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:172
msgid "Hide disabled keys"
msgstr "Ocultar las claves desactivadas"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/utils/getLabel.ts:22
msgid "Hide Joplin"
msgstr "Ocultar Joplin"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:253
msgid "Hide keyboard"
msgstr "Ocultar teclado"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/ToggleOverflowButton.tsx:22
msgid "Hide more actions"
msgstr "Ocultar más acciones"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/utils/setupToolbarButtons.ts:14
msgid "Highlight"
msgstr "Resaltado"
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:140
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:271
msgid "Home"
msgstr "Inicio"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:78
msgid "Horizontal Rule"
msgstr "Regla Horizontal"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:133
msgid "HTML Directory"
msgstr "Directorio HTML"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:127
msgid "HTML File"
msgstr "Archivo HTML"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:43
msgid "Hyperlink"
msgstr "Hipervínculo"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EditFolderDialog/Dialog.tsx:137
msgid "Icon"
msgstr "Icono"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:179
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:329
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:76
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.min.js:28
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.tsx:48
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ResourceScreen.tsx:94
msgid "ID"
msgstr "ID"
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:304
msgid "Idle"
msgstr "En reposo"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:109
msgid "Ignore"
msgstr "Ignorar"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1463
msgid "Ignore TLS certificate errors"
msgstr "Ignorar errores en certificados TLS"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EditFolderDialog/Dialog.tsx:103
msgid "Images"
msgstr "Imágenes"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/KeymapConfigScreen.tsx:170
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:546
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:603
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Root.tsx:225
msgid "Import"
msgstr "Importar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:247
msgid "Importing from \"%s\" as \"%s\" format. Please wait..."
msgstr "Importando desde «%s» como formato «%s». Por favor espere..."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-import.js:65
msgid "Importing notes..."
msgstr "Importando notas..."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-import.js:14
msgid "Imports data into Joplin."
msgstr "Importa los datos a Joplin."
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:726
msgid ""
"In \"Manual\" mode, attachments are downloaded only when you click on them. "
"In \"Auto\", they are downloaded when you open the note. In \"Always\", all "
"the attachments are downloaded whether you open the note or not."
msgstr ""
"En modo «Manual», los archivos adjuntos se descargan solamente al hacer clic "
"en ellos. En modo «Automático», se descargan cuando se abre la nota. En modo "
"«Siempre», se descargan todos los archivos adjuntos aunque la nota no esté "
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-help.js:77
msgid ""
"In any command, a note or notebook can be referred to by title or ID, or "
"using the shortcuts `$n` or `$b` for, respectively, the currently selected "
"note or notebook. `$c` can be used to refer to the currently selected item."
msgstr ""
"En cualquier comando, una nota o libreta puede ser referida por su título o "
"ID, o utilizando los atajos `$n` o `$b`, respectivamente, para la nota o "
"libreta seleccionada. Se puede utilizar `$c` para hacer referencia al "
"elemento seleccionado."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:403
msgid ""
"In order to associate a geo-location with the note, the app needs your "
"permission to access your location.\n"
"You may turn off this option at any time in the Configuration screen."
msgstr ""
"Para asociar una geolocalización con la nota, la aplicación necesita su "
"permiso para acceder a su ubicación.\n"
"Puede desactivar esta opción en cualquier momento en la pantalla de "
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:95
msgid ""
"In order to do so, your entire data set will have to be encrypted and "
"synchronised, so it is best to run it overnight.\n"
"To start, please follow these instructions:\n"
"1. Synchronise all your devices.\n"
"2. Click \"%s\".\n"
"3. Let it run to completion. While it runs, avoid changing any note on your "
"other devices, to avoid conflicts.\n"
"4. Once sync is done on this device, sync all your other devices and let it "
"run to completion.\n"
"Important: you only need to run this ONCE on one device."
msgstr ""
"Para hacerlo, todos sus datos deberán ser cifrados y sincronizados, por lo "
"que es mejor realizarlo durante la noche.\n"
"Para empezar, siga estas instrucciones:\n"
"1. Sincronice todos sus dispositivos.\n"
"2. Haga clic en \"%s\".\n"
"3. Deje que se ejecute hasta su finalización. Mientras se ejecuta, evite "
"modificar cualquier nota en sus otros dispositivos para evitar conflictos.\n"
"4. Una vez que la sincronización finalice en este dispositivo, sincronice "
"todos sus otros dispositivos y permítale ejecutarse hasta su finalización.\n"
"Importante: solo necesita realizar este procedimiento UNA ÚNICA VEZ en un "
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:210
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:82
msgid ""
"In order to use file system synchronisation your permission to write to "
"external storage is required."
msgstr ""
"Para utilizar la sincronización con el sistema de archivos se requiere su "
"permiso para escribir en el almacenamiento externo."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ClipperConfigScreen.tsx:130
msgid "In order to use the web clipper, you need to do the following:"
msgstr "Para utilizar el Web Clipper, necesita hacer lo siguiente:"
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:305
msgid "In progress"
msgstr "En progreso"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteEditor.tsx:540
msgid "In: %s"
msgstr "En: %s"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:119
msgid "Increase indent level"
msgstr "Aumentar un nivel de sangría"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:104
msgid "Indent less"
msgstr "Disminuir sangría"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:108
msgid "Indent more"
msgstr "Aumentar sangría"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:209
msgid "Information"
msgstr "Información"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/TinyMCE.tsx:622
msgid "Inline Code"
msgstr "Código Integrado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/utils/setupToolbarButtons.ts:24
msgid "Insert"
msgstr "Insertar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/CodeMirror/CodeMirror.tsx:199
msgid "Insert Hyperlink"
msgstr "Insertar Hipervínculo"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:83
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/TinyMCE.tsx:638
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:188
msgid "Insert time"
msgstr "Insertar hora"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginBox.tsx:191
msgid "Install"
msgstr "Instalar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginsStates.tsx:222
msgid "Install from file"
msgstr "Instalar desde archivo"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginBox.tsx:193
msgid "Installed"
msgstr "Instalado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginBox.tsx:192
msgid "Installing..."
msgstr "Instalando..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/utils/getLabel.ts:34
msgid "Invalid"
msgstr "Inválido"
#: packages/lib/services/KeymapService.ts:327
msgid "Invalid %s: %s."
msgstr "%s inválido: %s."
#: packages/app-cli/app/cli-utils.js:167
msgid "Invalid answer: %s"
msgstr "Respuesta inválida: %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-tag.js:90
msgid "Invalid command: \"%s\""
msgstr "Comando inválido: «%s»"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2004
msgid "Invalid option value: \"%s\". Possible values are: %s."
msgstr "Opción inválida: «%s». Los valores posibles son: %s."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:46
msgid "Invalid password"
msgstr "Contraseña inválida"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:38
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:143
msgid "Italic"
msgstr "Cursiva"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:185
msgid "Item \"%s\" could not be downloaded: %s"
msgstr "El elemento «%s» no se pudo descargar: %s"
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:148
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:273
msgid "Items"
msgstr "Elementos"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:208
msgid "Items that cannot be decrypted"
msgstr "Elementos que no se pueden descifrar"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:173
msgid "Items that cannot be synchronised"
msgstr "Elementos que no pueden ser sincronizados"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:792
msgid "Join us on Twitter"
msgstr ""
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/SyncWizard/Dialog.tsx:330
msgid ""
"Joplin can synchronise your notes using various providers. Select one from "
"the list below."
msgstr ""
"Joplin puede sincronizar sus notas utilizando varios proveedores. Seleccione "
"uno de la lista siguiente."
#: packages/lib/SyncTargetJoplinCloud.ts:30
msgid "Joplin Cloud"
msgstr "Joplin Cloud"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:700
msgid "Joplin Cloud email"
msgstr "Email de Joplin Cloud"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:711
msgid "Joplin Cloud password"
msgstr "Contraseña de Joplin Cloud"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:107
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:72
msgid "Joplin Export Directory"
msgstr "Directorio de Exportación de Joplin"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:101
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:50
msgid "Joplin Export File"
msgstr "Archivo de Exportación de Joplin"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:210
msgid ""
"Joplin failed to decrypt these items multiple times, possibly because they "
"are corrupted or too large. These items will remain on the device but Joplin "
"will no longer attempt to decrypt them."
msgstr ""
"Joplin ha fallado en descifrar estos elementos varias veces, posiblemente "
"porque están dañados o son demasiado grandes. Estos elementos permanecerán "
"en el dispositivo pero Joplin ya no intentará descifrarlos."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:789
msgid "Joplin Forum"
msgstr "Foro de Joplin"
#: packages/lib/SyncTargetJoplinServer.ts:61
msgid "Joplin Server"
msgstr "Servidor de Joplin"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:661
msgid "Joplin Server email"
msgstr "Email del Servidor de Joplin"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:672
msgid "Joplin Server password"
msgstr "Contraseña del Servidor de Joplin"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:643
msgid "Joplin Server URL"
msgstr "URL del Servidor de Joplin"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ClipperConfigScreen.tsx:129
msgid ""
"Joplin Web Clipper allows saving web pages and screenshots from your browser "
"to Joplin."
msgstr ""
"El Web Clipper de Joplin le permite guardar páginas web y capturas de "
"pantalla desde su navegador a la aplicación."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:689
msgid "Joplin website"
msgstr "Sitio web de Joplin"
#: packages/lib/SyncTargetJoplinCloud.ts:34
msgid ""
"Joplin's own sync service. Also gives access to Joplin-specific features "
"such as publishing notes or collaborating on notebooks with others."
msgstr ""
"El servicio de sincronización propio de Joplin. También da acceso a "
"funciones específicas de Joplin, como la publicación de notas o la "
"colaboración en cuadernos con otras personas."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:162
msgid "KaTeX"
msgstr "KaTeX"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1530
msgid "Keep note history for"
msgstr "Mantener historial de la nota durante"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1403
msgid "Keyboard Mode"
msgstr "Modo de Teclado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/KeymapConfigScreen.tsx:178
msgid "Keyboard Shortcut"
msgstr "Atajo de Teclado"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2487
msgid "Keyboard Shortcuts"
msgstr "Atajos de Teclado"
#: packages/lib/versionInfo.ts:63
msgid "Keychain Supported: %s"
msgstr "Llavero Soportado: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:71
msgid "Keys that need upgrading"
msgstr "Claves que necesitan actualizarse"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1380
msgid "Landscape"
msgstr "Apaisado"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:770
msgid "Language"
msgstr "Idioma"
#: packages/lib/Synchronizer.ts:191
msgid "Last error: %s"
msgstr "Último error: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ConfigScreen.tsx:653
msgid "Later"
msgstr "Luego"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/CodeMirror/CodeMirror.tsx:637
msgid "Layout"
msgstr "Diseño"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:684
msgid "Layout button sequence"
msgstr "Secuencia del botón de diseño"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/leaveSharedFolder.ts:10
msgid "Leave notebook..."
msgstr "Abandonar libreta..."
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1374
msgid "Legal"
msgstr "Legal"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1370
msgid "Letter"
msgstr "Carta"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:398
msgid "Light"
msgstr "Claro"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteContentPropertiesDialog.tsx:103
msgid "Lines"
msgstr "Líneas"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:174
msgid "Link"
msgstr "Enlace"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/EditLinkDialog.tsx:95
msgid "Link description"
msgstr "Descripción de enlace"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareNoteDialog.tsx:183
msgid "Link has been copied to clipboard!"
msgid_plural "Links have been copied to clipboard!"
msgstr[0] "¡El enlace ha sido copiado al portapapeles!"
msgstr[1] "¡Los enlaces han sido copiados al portapapeles!"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/EditLinkDialog.tsx:92
msgid "Link text"
msgstr "Texto de enlace"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:198
msgid "Links with protocol \"%s\" are not supported"
msgstr "Enlaces con el protocolo «%s» no están soportados"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/CodeMirror/CodeMirror.tsx:232
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/CodeMirror/CodeMirror.tsx:234
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/CodeMirror/CodeMirror.tsx:235
msgid "List item"
msgstr "Listar elemento"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:284
msgid "Lists"
msgstr "Listas"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:212
msgid "Loaded"
msgstr "Cargado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.min.js:32
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.tsx:52
msgid "Location"
msgstr "Localización"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-sync.ts:119
msgid ""
"Lock file is already being hold. If you know that no synchronisation is "
"taking place, you may delete the lock file at \"%s\" and resume the "
msgstr ""
"Ya hay un archivo de bloqueo. Si está seguro de que no hay ninguna "
"sincronización en curso, puede eliminar el archivo de bloqueo en «%s» y "
"reanudar la operación."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:613
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/log.js:100
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:274
msgid "Log"
msgstr "Registro"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/SyncWizard/Dialog.tsx:240
msgid "Login"
msgstr "Identificación"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/SyncWizard/Dialog.tsx:235
msgid "Login below."
msgstr "Inicie sesión a continuación."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/dropbox-login.js:55
msgid "Login with Dropbox"
msgstr "Acceder con Dropbox"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/onedrive-login.js:110
msgid "Login with OneDrive"
msgstr "Acceder con OneDrive"
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:277
msgid "Logout"
msgstr "Cerrar sesión"
#: packages/server/src/services/MustacheService.ts:152
msgid "Logs"
msgstr "Registros"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:795
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:675
msgid "Make a donation"
msgstr "Hacer una donación"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MasterPasswordDialog/Dialog.tsx:219
msgid "Manage master password"
msgstr "Administrar contraseña maestra"
#: packages/lib/commands/openMasterPasswordDialog.ts:6
msgid "Manage master password..."
msgstr "Administrar contraseña maestra..."
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:165
msgid "Manage multiple users"
msgstr "Administrar múltiples usuarios"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:611
msgid "Manage profiles"
msgstr "Administrar perfiles"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginsStates.tsx:320
msgid "Manage your plugins"
msgstr "Administre sus plugins"
#. `generate-ppk`
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:20
msgid ""
"Manages E2EE configuration. Commands are `enable`, `disable`, `decrypt`, "
"`status`, `decrypt-file`, and `target-status`."
msgstr ""
"Administra la configuración E2EE. Los comandos son `enable`, `disable`, "
"`decrypt`, `status`, `decrypt-file` y `target-status`."
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:730
msgid "Manual"
msgstr "Manual"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2481
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:113
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:58
msgid "Markdown"
msgstr "Markdown"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:119
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:66
msgid "Markdown + Front Matter"
msgstr "Markdown + Front Matter"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-done.js:14
msgid "Marks a to-do as done."
msgstr "Marca una tarea como hecha."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-undone.js:12
msgid "Marks a to-do as non-completed."
msgstr "Marca una tarea como no completada."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.min.js:35
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.tsx:55
msgid "Markup"
msgstr "Lenguaje de marcado"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:117
msgid "Master Key %s"
msgstr "Clave Maestra %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:133
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:277
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:102
msgid "Master password"
msgstr "Contraseña maestra"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:278
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:211
msgid "Master password:"
msgstr "Contraseña maestra:"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:754
msgid "Max concurrent connections"
msgstr "Conexiones simultáneas máximas"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/users.ts:142
msgid "Max Item Size"
msgstr "Tamaño máximo de item"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:117
msgid "Max note or attachment size"
msgstr "Tamaño máximo de notas o adjuntos"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/users.ts:150
msgid "Max Total Size"
msgstr "Tamaño original"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:324
msgid "Missing keys"
msgstr "Claves faltantes"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:271
msgid "Missing Master Keys"
msgstr "Claves Maestras Faltantes"
#: packages/app-cli/app/cli-utils.js:112
msgid "Missing required argument: %s"
msgstr "Falta un argumento requerido: %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/cli-utils.js:135
#, fuzzy
msgid "Missing required flag value: %s"
msgstr "Falta un argumento requerido: %s"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:457
msgid "Mobile data - auto-sync disabled"
msgstr "Datos móviles - sincronización automática deshabilitada"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/MainScreen.tsx:620
msgid "More info"
msgstr "Más información"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:641
msgid "More information"
msgstr "Más información"
#: packages/app-cli/app/app.js:64
msgid "More than one item match \"%s\". Please narrow down your query."
msgstr ""
"Hay más de un elemento que coincide con «%s». Intente mejorar su consulta."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:565
msgid "Move %d notes to notebook \"%s\"?"
msgstr "¿Desea mover %d notas a libreta «%s»?"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/moveToFolder.ts:8
msgid "Move to notebook"
msgstr "Mover a la libreta"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/moveToFolder.ts:32
msgid "Move to notebook:"
msgstr "Mover a la libreta:"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:525
msgid "Move to notebook..."
msgstr "Mover a la libreta..."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mv.js:14
msgid "Moves the given <item> to [notebook]"
msgstr "Mueve la nota <nota> a [libreta]"
#: packages/app-cli/app/cli-utils.js:177
#: packages/app-cli/app/setupCommand.ts:20
msgid "n"
msgstr "n"
#: packages/app-cli/app/setupCommand.ts:20
msgid "N"
msgstr "N"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/newNote.ts:8
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Notes.tsx:268
#: packages/app-mobile/setupQuickActions.ts:17
msgid "New note"
msgstr "Nueva nota"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/newFolder.ts:7
msgid "New notebook"
msgstr "Nueva libreta"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:414
msgid "New Notebook"
msgstr "Nueva Libreta"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ImportScreen.min.js:61
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ImportScreen.tsx:81
msgid ""
"New notebook \"%s\" will be created and file \"%s\" will be imported into it"
msgstr "Se creará la libreta nueva «%s» y se importará en ella el archivo «%s»"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/newSubFolder.ts:6
msgid "New sub-notebook"
msgstr "Nueva sublibreta"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/NoteTagsDialog.js:173
msgid "New tags:"
msgstr "Nuevas etiquetas:"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/newTodo.ts:6
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Notes.tsx:258
#: packages/app-mobile/setupQuickActions.ts:18
msgid "New to-do"
msgstr "Nueva tarea"
#: packages/app-desktop/checkForUpdates.ts:198
msgid "New version: %s"
msgstr "Nueva versión: %s"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/SearchPanel.tsx:268
msgid "Next match"
msgstr "Siguiente coincidencia"
#: packages/lib/SyncTargetNextcloud.js:25
msgid "Nextcloud"
msgstr "Nextcloud"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:516
msgid "Nextcloud password"
msgstr "Contraseña de Nextcloud"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:505
msgid "Nextcloud username"
msgstr "Usuario de Nextcloud"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:493
msgid "Nextcloud WebDAV URL"
msgstr "URL de WebDAV de Nextcloud"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:387
msgid "no"
msgstr "no"
#: packages/app-desktop/services/plugins/UserWebviewDialogButtonBar.tsx:29
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:575
#: packages/lib/shim-init-node.js:196 packages/lib/versionInfo.ts:63
msgid "No"
msgstr "No"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-edit.js:40
msgid "No active notebook."
msgstr "No hay libreta activa."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:169
msgid "No item with ID %s"
msgstr "No hay elementos con el ID %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/app.js:100
msgid "No notebook has been specified."
msgstr "Ninguna libreta ha sido especificada."
#: packages/app-cli/app/app.js:94
msgid "No notebook selected."
msgstr "Ninguna libreta ha sido seleccionada."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteList/NoteList.tsx:512
msgid "No notes in here. Create one by clicking on \"New note\"."
msgstr "No hay ninguna nota. Cree una haciendo clic en «Nota nueva»."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ResourceScreen.tsx:236
msgid "No resources!"
msgstr "¡No hay recursos!"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/SearchPlugins.tsx:87
msgid "No results"
msgstr "Sin resultados"
#: packages/app-cli/app/app.js:224
msgid "No such command: %s"
msgstr "El comando no existe: %s"
#: packages/lib/services/spellChecker/SpellCheckerService.ts:123
msgid "No suggestions"
msgstr "No hay sugerencias"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-edit.js:30
msgid ""
"No text editor is defined. Please set it using `config editor <editor-path>`"
msgstr ""
"No hay editor de texto definido. Por favor configure uno usando `config "
"editor <editor-ruta>`"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:403
msgid "Nord"
msgstr "Nord"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-sync.ts:88
msgid "Not authentified with %s. Please provide any missing credentials."
msgstr "No autenticado con %s. Por favor provea las credenciales faltantes."
#: packages/lib/models/Resource.ts:353
msgid "Not downloaded"
msgstr "No descargado"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:252
msgid "Not generated"
msgstr "No generado"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/biometrics/BiometricPopup.tsx:70
msgid "Not now"
msgstr "Ahora no"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteTitle/NoteTitleBar.tsx:110
#: packages/server/src/models/UserModel.ts:215
#: packages/server/src/models/UserModel.ts:232
msgid "note"
msgstr "nota"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2479
msgid "Note"
msgstr "Nota"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1594
msgid "Note area growth factor"
msgstr "Factor de crecimiento del área de la nota"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Root.tsx:227
msgid "Note attachments"
msgstr "Adjuntos de las notas"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:469
msgid "Note attachments..."
msgstr "Adjuntos de las notas..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/commands/focusElementNoteBody.ts:6
msgid "Note body"
msgstr "Cuerpo de la nota"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-edit.js:46
msgid "Note does not exist: \"%s\". Create it?"
msgstr "La nota no existe: «%s». ¿Crearla?"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/NoteEditor.tsx:82
msgid "Note editor"
msgstr "Editor de notas"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-edit.js:97
msgid "Note has been saved."
msgstr "La nota ha sido guardada."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.min.js:34
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.tsx:54
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2484
msgid "Note History"
msgstr "Historial"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-done.js:21
msgid "Note is not a to-do: \"%s\""
msgstr "La nota no es una tarea: «%s»"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteList/commands/focusElementNoteList.ts:8
msgid "Note list"
msgstr "Lista de notas"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1579
msgid "Note list growth factor"
msgstr "Factor de crecimiento de la lista de notas"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/showNoteProperties.ts:7
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.min.js:390
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.tsx:403
msgid "Note properties"
msgstr "Propiedades de la nota"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/commands/focusElementNoteTitle.ts:6
msgid "Note title"
msgstr "Titulo de la nota"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1164
msgid "Note: Does not work in all desktop environments."
msgstr "Nota: No funciona en todos los entornos de escritorio."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareNoteDialog.tsx:189
msgid ""
"Note: When a note is shared, it will no longer be encrypted on the server."
msgstr ""
"Nota: Cuando se comparte una nota, deja de estar cifrada en el servidor."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:762
msgid "Note&book"
msgstr "Libreta"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2480
msgid "Notebook"
msgstr "Libreta"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1564
msgid "Notebook list growth factor"
msgstr "Factor de crecimiento de la lista de libretas"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:140
msgid "Notebook: %s"
msgstr "Libretas: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:690
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:477
msgid "Notebooks"
msgstr "Libretas"
#: packages/lib/models/Folder.ts:758
msgid "Notebooks cannot be named \"%s\", which is a reserved title."
msgstr ""
"No se puede usar el nombre «%s» para una libreta, es un título reservado."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/toggleNotesSortOrderField.ts:8
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/toggleNotesSortOrderReverse.ts:9
msgid "Notes"
msgstr "Notas"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2496
msgid "Notes and settings are stored in: %s"
msgstr "Las notas y los ajustes se guardan en: %s"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mknote.js:16
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-mktodo.js:16
msgid "Notes can only be created within a notebook."
msgstr "Solo se pueden crear notas dentro de una libreta."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:58
msgid "Numbered List"
msgstr "Lista Numerada"
#: packages/app-desktop/bridge.ts:190 packages/app-desktop/bridge.ts:196
#: packages/app-desktop/bridge.ts:217 packages/app-desktop/bridge.ts:227
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ButtonBar.tsx:28
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/DialogButtonRow.tsx:70
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:495
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/PromptDialog.tsx:267
#: packages/app-desktop/services/plugins/UserWebviewDialogButtonBar.tsx:26
#: packages/app-mobile/components/CameraView.tsx:193
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ModalDialog.js:67
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:211
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:164
msgid "OK"
msgstr "OK"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:405
msgid "OLED Dark"
msgstr "OLED Negro"
#: packages/lib/services/ReportService.ts:310
msgid "On %s: %s"
msgstr "En %s: %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/MainScreen.tsx:613
msgid "One of your master keys use an obsolete encryption method."
msgstr "Una de sus claves maestras usa un método de cifrado obsoleto."
#: packages/app-cli/app/gui/NoteWidget.js:48
msgid ""
"One or more items are currently encrypted and you may need to supply a "
"master password. To do so please type `e2ee decrypt`. If you have already "
"supplied the password, the encrypted items are being decrypted in the "
"background and will be available soon."
msgstr ""
"Uno o más elementos están cifrados y debe proporcionar la contraseña "
"maestra. Para hacerlo por favor escriba `e2ee decrypt`. Si ya ha "
"proporcionado la contraseña, los elementos están siendo descifrados en "
"segundo plano y estarán disponibles en breve."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/MainScreen.tsx:642
msgid "One or more master keys need a password."
msgstr "Una o más claves maestras necesitan una contraseña."
#: packages/lib/SyncTargetOneDrive.ts:29
msgid "OneDrive"
msgstr "OneDrive"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Root.tsx:223
msgid "OneDrive Login"
msgstr "Inicio de sesión de OneDrive"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/print.ts:17
msgid "Only one note can be printed at a time."
msgstr "Solo una nota puede ser impresa a la vez."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteBodyViewer/hooks/useOnResourceLongPress.ts:19
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Abrir"
#: packages/app-desktop/app.ts:178
msgid "Open %s"
msgstr "Abrir %s"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/openPdfViewer.ts:7
msgid "Open PDF viewer"
msgstr "Abrir visor de PDF"
#: packages/app-desktop/commands/openProfileDirectory.ts:8
msgid "Open profile directory"
msgstr "Abrir directorio de perfiles"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:429
msgid "Open Sync Wizard..."
msgstr "Abrir el asistente de sincronización..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/utils/contextMenu.ts:74
msgid "Open..."
msgstr "Abrir..."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:40
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:86
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:96
msgid "Operation cancelled"
msgstr "Operación cancelada"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/utils/getLabel.ts:26
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:455
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Root.tsx:226
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Opciones"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/SyncWizard/Dialog.tsx:235
msgid "Or create an account."
msgstr "Crea una nueva nota.O crea una cuenta."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/MarkdownToolbar/MarkdownToolbar.tsx:82
msgid "Ordered list"
msgstr "Lista ordenada"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:409
msgid "Other applications..."
msgstr "Otras aplicaciones..."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-import.js:27
msgid "Output format: %s"
msgstr "Formato de destino: %s"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1377
msgid "Page orientation for PDF export"
msgstr "Orientación de la página al exportar como PDF"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1367
msgid "Page size for PDF export"
msgstr "Tamaño de página al exportar como PDF"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:181
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/SyncWizard/Dialog.tsx:238
msgid "Password"
msgstr "Contraseña"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:135
msgid "Password cannot be empty"
msgstr "La contraseña no puede estar vacía"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:120
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:156
msgid "Password:"
msgstr "Contraseña:"
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-e2ee.ts:100
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/encryption-config.tsx:138
msgid "Passwords do not match!"
msgstr "¡Las contraseñas no coinciden!"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:23
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/CodeMirror/CodeMirror.tsx:824
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/utils/contextMenu.ts:167
msgid "Paste"
msgstr "Pegar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/commands/pasteAsText.ts:6
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/utils/contextMenu.ts:181
msgid "Paste as text"
msgstr ""
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/ConfigScreen.tsx:541
msgid "Path:"
msgstr "Ruta:"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/exportPdf.ts:10
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/exportPdf.ts:24
msgid "PDF File"
msgstr "Archivo PDF"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:355
msgid "Per user. Minimum of %d users."
msgstr "Por usuario. Mínimo %d usuarios."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:404
msgid "Permission needed"
msgstr "Se necesita permiso"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/CameraView.tsx:191
msgid "Permission to use camera"
msgstr "Permiso para usar la cámara"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:271
msgid ""
"Please click on \"%s\" to proceed, or set the passwords in the \"%s\" list "
msgstr ""
"Haga click en \"%s\" para proceder, o indique las contraseñas en la lista "
"\"%s\" debajo."
#: packages/lib/components/EncryptionConfigScreen/utils.ts:64
msgid ""
"Please confirm that you would like to re-encrypt your complete database."
msgstr ""
"Por favor, confirme que desea volver a cifrar su base de datos completa."
#: packages/lib/components/EncryptionConfigScreen/utils.ts:208
msgid ""
"Please enter your password in the master key list below before upgrading the "
msgstr ""
"Por favor, ingrese su contraseña en la lista de claves maestras a "
"continuación antes de actualizar la clave."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareFolderDialog/ShareFolderDialog.tsx:321
msgid ""
"Please note that if it is a large notebook, it may take a few minutes for "
"all the notes to show up on the recipient's device."
msgstr ""
"Tenga en cuenta de que si se trata de una libreta grande, puede tardar unos "
"minutos para que todas las notas aparezcan en el dispositivo del "
#: packages/lib/onedrive-api-node-utils.js:118
msgid ""
"Please open the following URL in your browser to authenticate the "
"application. The application will create a directory in \"Apps/Joplin\" and "
"will only read and write files in this directory. It will have no access to "
"any files outside this directory nor to any other personal data. No data "
"will be shared with any third party."
msgstr ""
"Por favor abra la siguiente dirección en su navegador para autenticar la "
"aplicación. La aplicación creará un directorio en «Apps/Joplin» y solo leerá "
"y escribirá archivos en ese directorio. No tendrá acceso a ningún archivo "
"fuera de ese directorio ni a ningún otro tipo de dato personal. No se "
"compartirá información con terceros."
#: packages/app-cli/app/command-ls.js:63
msgid "Please select a notebook first."
msgstr "Por favor primero seleccione una libreta."
#: packages/app-cli/app/app-gui.js:467
msgid "Please select the note or notebook to be deleted first."
msgstr "Primero seleccione la nota o libreta que desea eliminar."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/StatusScreen/StatusScreen.tsx:29
msgid "Please select where the sync status should be exported to"
msgstr "Seleccione a dónde se debería exportar el estado de sincronización"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService.ts:277
msgid "Please specify import format for %s"
msgstr "Por favor especifique el formato de importación para %s"
#: packages/lib/services/interop/InteropService_Importer_Md.ts:36
msgid "Please specify the notebook where the notes should be imported to."
msgstr "Por favor especifique la libreta donde las notas deben ser importadas."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginBox.tsx:227
msgid "Please upgrade Joplin to use this plugin"
msgstr "Por favor, actualice Joplin para usar este plugin"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteBody/TinyMCE/TinyMCE.tsx:1205
msgid ""
"Please wait for all attachments to be downloaded and decrypted. You may also "
"switch to %s to edit the note."
msgstr ""
"Por favor espere a que todos los adjuntos hayan sido descargados y "
"descifrados. Puede también cambiar a %s para editar la nota."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/SearchPlugins.tsx:122
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ResourceScreen.tsx:233
msgid "Please wait..."
msgstr "Por favor espere..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/controls/plugins/PluginsStates.tsx:318
msgid "Plugin tools"
msgstr "Herramientas de Plugin"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ConfigScreen/Sidebar.tsx:105
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:2482
msgid "Plugins"
msgstr "Plugins"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1379
msgid "Portrait"
msgstr "Vertical"
#: packages/app-cli/app/help-utils.js:77
msgid "Possible keys/values:"
msgstr "Claves/valores posibles:"
#: packages/app-cli/app/help-utils.js:57
msgid "Possible values: %s."
msgstr "Valores posibles: %s."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/utils/getLabel.ts:26
msgid "Preferences"
msgstr "Preferencias"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:521
msgid "Preferences..."
msgstr "Preferencias..."
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:870
msgid "Preferred dark theme"
msgstr "Tema oscuro preferido"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:854
msgid "Preferred light theme"
msgstr "Tema claro preferido"
#: packages/app-cli/app/app-gui.js:757
msgid "Press Ctrl+D or type \"exit\" to exit the application"
msgstr "Pulse Ctrl+D o escriba «salir» para salir de la aplicación"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/ShortcutRecorder.tsx:67
msgid "Press the shortcut"
msgstr "Pulse el atajo"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/ShortcutRecorder.tsx:70
msgid ""
"Press the shortcut and then press ENTER. Or, press BACKSPACE to clear the "
msgstr ""
"Pulse el atajo; y luego, ENTER. O bien, pulse RETROCESO para borrar el atajo."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:583
msgid "Press to set the decryption password."
msgstr "Pulse para establecer la contraseña de descifrado."
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/SearchPanel.tsx:278
msgid "Previous match"
msgstr "Anterior coincidencia"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.min.js:307
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NotePropertiesDialog.tsx:329
msgid "Previous versions of this note"
msgstr "Versiones anteriores de esta nota"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/print.ts:7
msgid "Print"
msgstr "Imprimir"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:183
msgid "Priority support"
msgstr "Soporte prioritario"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/ConfigScreen.tsx:703
msgid "Privacy Policy"
msgstr "Política de Privacidad"
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:316
msgid "Pro"
msgstr "Pro"
#: packages/server/src/services/TaskService.ts:24
msgid "Process failed payment subscriptions"
msgstr "Procesar las suscripciones de pago fallidas"
#: packages/server/src/services/TaskService.ts:22
msgid "Process oversized accounts"
msgstr "Procesar cuentas de gran tamaño"
#: packages/server/src/services/TaskService.ts:27
msgid "Process user deletions"
msgstr "Procesar eliminaciones de usuarios"
#: packages/server/src/routes/admin/users.ts:247
msgid "Profile"
msgstr "Perfil"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileEditor.tsx:95
msgid "Profile name"
msgstr "Nombre de perfil"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/addProfile.ts:17
msgid "Profile name:"
msgstr "Nombre de perfil:"
#: packages/lib/versionInfo.ts:62
msgid "Profile Version: %s"
msgstr "Versión del Perfil: %s"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ProfileSwitcher/ProfileSwitcher.tsx:155
msgid "Profiles"
msgstr "Perfiles"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx:944
msgid "Properties"
msgstr "Propiedades"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1473
msgid "Proxy enabled"
msgstr "Proxy habilitado"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1495
msgid "Proxy timeout (seconds)"
msgstr "Proxy timeout (segundos)"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1483
msgid "Proxy URL"
msgstr "URL de Proxy"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:252
msgid "Public-private key pair:"
msgstr "Par de claves públicas y privadas:"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/showShareNoteDialog.ts:6
msgid "Publish note..."
msgstr "Publicar nota..."
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareNoteDialog.tsx:209
msgid "Publish Notes"
msgstr "Publicar notas"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/SyncWizard/Dialog.tsx:178
#: packages/lib/utils/joplinCloud.ts:141
msgid "Publish notes to the internet"
msgstr "Publicar notas en Internet"
#: packages/app-desktop/app.ts:180
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/KeymapConfig/utils/getLabel.ts:16
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:317
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "Salir"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:91
msgid "Re-encrypt data"
msgstr "Recifrar datos"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/EncryptionConfigScreen/EncryptionConfigScreen.tsx:103
msgid "Re-encryption"
msgstr "Recifrado"
#: packages/lib/models/Setting.ts:1311
msgid "Re-upload local data to sync target"
msgstr "Volver a cargar datos locales al objetivo de sincronización"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteEditor.tsx:454
msgid "Read more about it"
msgstr "Leer más al respecto"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteContentPropertiesDialog.tsx:154
msgid "Read time: %s min"
msgstr "Tiempo de lectura: %s minutos"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareFolderDialog/ShareFolderDialog.tsx:265
msgid "Recipient has accepted the invitation"
msgstr "El destinatario ha aceptado la invitación"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareFolderDialog/ShareFolderDialog.tsx:263
msgid "Recipient has not yet accepted the invitation"
msgstr "El destinatario aún no ha aceptado la invitación"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareFolderDialog/ShareFolderDialog.tsx:264
msgid "Recipient has rejected the invitation"
msgstr "El destinatario ha rechazado la invitación"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/ShareFolderDialog/ShareFolderDialog.tsx:282
msgid "Recipients:"
msgstr "Destinatarios:"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MenuBar.tsx:650
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/editorCommandDeclarations.ts:100
#: packages/app-mobile/components/ScreenHeader.tsx:377
msgid "Redo"
msgstr "Rehacer"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/log.js:109
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/onedrive-login.js:121
#: packages/app-mobile/components/screens/status.js:144
msgid "Refresh"
msgstr "Recargar"
#: packages/app-mobile/components/NoteEditor/SearchPanel.tsx:313
msgid "Regular expression"
msgstr "Expresión regular"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/MainScreen.tsx:631
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Root.tsx:179
msgid "Reject"
msgstr "Rechazar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:287
msgid "Remove"
msgstr "Eliminar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:294
msgid "Remove tag \"%s\" from all notes?"
msgstr "¿Desea eliminar la etiqueta «%s» de todas las notas?"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/Sidebar/Sidebar.tsx:296
msgid "Remove this search from the sidebar?"
msgstr "¿Desea eliminar esta búsqueda de la barra lateral?"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/renameFolder.ts:8
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/renameTag.ts:8
#: packages/app-mobile/components/side-menu-content.tsx:143
msgid "Rename"
msgstr "Renombrar"
#: packages/app-desktop/gui/MainScreen/commands/renameFolder.ts:21
msgid "Rename notebook:"
msgstr "Renombrar libreta:"