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[0.19.1] - 2018-03-20


  • Fixed the inconsistencies in API and CLI docstrings
  • blob_announce error when announcing a single blob
  • blob_list error when looking up blobs by stream or sd hash (1126)
  • Claiming a channel with the exact amount present in wallet would return a confusing error (1107)
  • Channel creation to use same bid logic as for claims (1148)


  • report_bug jsonrpc command


  • Bumped lbryschema requirement to 0.0.15 see changelog
  • Bumped lbryum requirement to 3.2.0 see changelog
  • Reflector server to periodically check and set should_announce for sd and head blobs instead of during each request
  • Reflector server to use SQLiteStorage to find needed blob hashes for a stream


  • Scripts to auto-generate documentation (1128)
  • Now updating new channel also takes into consideration the original bid amount, so now channel could be updated for wallet balance + the original bid amount (1137)
  • Forward-compatibility for upcoming DHT encoding changes


  • Short(single dashed) arguments for lbrynet-cli