JSON library for the .Net framework
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A .Net library to handle conversions from and to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) strings.

Project website.


See the files under the build directory.

Using GNU Make

Change directory to build/make/ and run make from it. This tries to use the gmcs compiler by default. Feel free to open the Makefile and tweak it according to your needs.

Using other tools

Currently, LitJSON doesn't have any other auxiliary files for compiling this library with other tools.

If you want to contribute your own solutions to compile it with tools like NAnt or MSBuild, that would be most appreciated. Please create those auxiliary files under the path build/some-tool. Thanks.


This library comes with a set of unit tests using the NUnit framework.

If you have pkg-config in your system, and the Mono suite provides the mono-nunit.pc file, you can try running these tests by running make test from the build/make directory.

You can specify which pkg-config is invoked by passing a PKG_CONFIG variable to make test. This is useful when you have mutiple conflicting pkg-configs on your system and need to select the correct one (i.e. to avoid conflicts with Homebrew on Mac OSX).

Example of running the tests on Mac OSX:

# In litjson/ directory
$ cd build/make
$ make PKG_CONFIG=/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Commands/pkg-config test

Using LitJSON from an application

Reference the LitJson.dll file when compiling your code. For a link to download this file, see the Download section in the project's website.

Alternatively, just copy the whole tree of files under src/LitJSON to your own project's source tree and integrate it with your development environment.


Unlicense (public domain).