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A lattice-based cryptographic library in Go
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Lattigo: lattice-based cryptographic library in Go

The Lattigo library unleashes the potential of lattice-based cryptography in secure multiparty computation for modern software stacks.

Build Status

Lattigo is a Go package implementing lattice-based cryptographic primitives. The library features:

  • A pure Go implementation bringing code-simplicity and easy builds.
  • A public interface for an efficient multiprecision polynomial arithmetic layer.
  • Comparable performance to state-of-the-art C++ libraries.

Lattigo aims at enabling fast prototyping of secure-multiparty computation solutions based on distributed homomorphic cryptosystems, by harnessing Go's natural concurrency model.

Library overview

The library comprises the following sub-packages:

  • lattigo/ring: RNS-accelerated modular arithmetic operations for polynomials, including: RNS basis extension; RNS rescaling; number theoretic transform (NTT); uniform, Gaussian and ternary sampling.

  • lattigo/bfv: RNS-accelerated Fan-Vercauteren version of Brakerski's scale invariant homomorphic encryption scheme. It provides modular arithmetic over the integers.

  • lattigo/ckks: RNS-accelerated version of the Homomorphic Encryption for Arithmetic for Approximate Numbers (HEAAN, a.k.a. CKKS) scheme. It provides approximate arithmetic over the complex numbers.

  • lattigo/dbfv and lattigo/dckks: Distributed (or threshold) versions of the BFV and CKKS schemes that enable secure multiparty computation solutions with secret-shared secret keys.

  • lattigo/examples: Executable Go programs demonstrating the usage of the Lattigo library. Note that each subpackage includes test files that further demonstrates the usage of Lattigo primitives.

  • lattigo/utils: Supporting structures and functions.


v1.0b (17 Aug. 2019)

  • First public beta release

v1.0 (Sept. 2019)

  • Full godoc documentation
  • Memory optimizations

Upcoming features

  • Bootstrapping for CKKS
  • Network layer implementation of SMC-supporting protocols


The library is still at an experimental stage and should be used for research purposes only.


Lattigo is licenced under the Apache 2.0 License.


If you want to contribute to Lattigo or you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us at


Please use the following BibTex entry for citing Lattigo:

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