A ruby script to facilitate new article creation on explainxkcd
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ExplainXKCD importer

A small ruby script to pull together information for building explainxkcd wiki pages.

Pulls together:

  • image name
  • title
  • number
  • title text
  • transcript
  • explanation (if it exists)

With great power comes great responsibility. You, as the user of the script MUST promise me, and the script (at each runtime) that you are not simply pulling this information together and plopping it into the textbox. I want this to be a tool to get the tedious and machine repeatable stuff out of the way. Human's are needed to parse through and see what needs to have Wikipedia links, external links, etc.

If I find you not using this script correctly, I will find you and maim your keyboard so you can no longer do the foul things you do.